Königssee Frozen and Safe for Walking, A Rare Occurrence

Königssee Since 25th January, it has been possible to walk on the ice covering the Königssee as far as the church of St. Bartholomä. The church is famous because it is normally only accessible by boat, or by hiking for more than a day over the mountains. In winter, the depth of the lake means that it only occasionally freezes deep enough for it to be safe enough to walk on. The last time this happened was in 1997.

The 'Ice Commission' of the village of Schönau has given the green light to people to walk to the church. On Sunday, around 15,000 people made the approx. 10-kilometre round trip. The ice will be regularly monitored for safety reasons; check the Königssee website for up-to-date information.
Source: http://www.toytownmunich.com/


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