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EGSG Dissertation Proposal Award

The Ethnic Geography Specialty Group (EGSG) is pleased to sponsor its annual Dissertation Proposal Competition Award. Doctoral students who have completed the dissertation proposal stage of their program are eligible to submit their proposal for adjudication in this competition. The EGSG Dissertation proposal Committee will evaluate all submissions based on written clarity, methodological rigor, and overall contribution to ethnic geography scholarship. The winner will receive a $250 prize, a certificate, a ticket to the AAG Award Luncheon and a formal recognition at the banquet, and in the EGSG Newsletter.

EGSG Dissertation Proposal Competition Guidelines

    To be considered for the award, doctoral students must meet the following requirements:

  • 1. Ph.D. students who have successfully defended their dissertation proposal may participate in this competition. Please, ask your advisor to send and e-mail to the EGSG Dissertation Proposal Committee Chair, Holly Barcus, to verify your ABD status.
  • 2. Dissertation proposal topic must be on some aspect of ethnic geography (see below for recent winners and proposal titles).
  • 3. Please, submit the actual dissertation proposal via e-mail.
  • 4. Proposals must be received no later than Sunday, March 20th at 11:59 PM EST..

For further information you might contact Holly Barcus (Dissertation Proposal Award Committee Chair) by e-mail. Dissertation Proposal Committee: Holly Barcus, Macalester College (2014-2016); Michael Webb, University of North Carolins-Chapel Hill (2015-2016) and; Paul McDaniel, Kennesaw State University (2015-2017).

EGSG Dissertation Proposal Competition Award Recipients

  about the recipient


Kathryn Wright (2015) A Case Study of the Impact of U.S. Based Senegalese Migrant's Translocal Identities on their Development Efforts, University of Colorado - Boulder.

Claire Schuch (2014) Socio-Spatial Geographies of Hispanic Immigrant Youth Accessing the Urban Labor Market. University of North Carolina, Charlotte.

Weronika Anna Kusek (2013) Post 2004 European Union - Expansion Polish Migration in London, United Kingdom: The Importance of Virtual Space and Technology in the Construction of Diasporic Networks. Kent State University.

Paul McDaniel (2011) Transitioning Immigrant Settlement Geography, Public School Change and Response, and Community Receptivity in Charlotte, North Carolina. University of North Carolina, Charlotte.

Luna Vives (2010) Negotiating Borders: Gendered Transnationalism from Senegal to Spain. University of British Columbia.

Samarth Joseph (2009) The Effects of Remittances on Haiti's Economic Development and the Factors that Motivate the New York Haitian Diaspora to Participate in the Remittance Economy. State University of Buffalo.

Tatiana Matejskova (2008) Making Russlanddeutche Migrants into Citizens: Local Integration Projects, Gender and Space in Berlin-Marzahn. University of Minnesota.

Ipsita Chatterjee (2007) Globalization and Social Conflict: A Case Study of Hindu-Muslim Conflict in India. Clark University.


Widyarini Sumartojo (2006 - tie) Place Attachment, Ethnocultural Identity, and Multiculturalism: Indo-Canadian Youth Violence in Vancouver. Simon Fraser University.

Sin Yih Teo (2006 - tie) Where is Home? Return Migration and the Negotiation of Citizenship Amongst Recent People's Republic of China's Immigrant to Canada. University of British Columbia.

Robert Yarborough (2005) Central American Identity Formation in Context of Residence in Traditionally Bi-Racial Atlanta and in Particular Everyday Spaces in which They Live their Lives. University of Georgia.