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At Ecuador (2009) (photo: L. Sanchez).

A marvelous view: the blending of the natural and human landscape.

Ecuador (2009) (photo: L. Sanchez).

A lovely girl helps her mother to sell merchandise in Ecuador. She actually sold me a pair of alpaca gloves.

Panama (2009) (photo: L. Sanchez).

Various ethnic groups have joined the economic sector of tourism

La Parguera, Lajas, Puerto Rico (2010) (photo: J. Diaz-Garayua).

A required stop for visitiors. La Parguera is famous for its bioluminescent bay and tall mangroves.

El Alcazar, Historic District of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (2012) (photo: J. Diaz-Garayua).

Today a museum, one of the most visited in the Dominican Republic.

La Habana, Cuba (2012) (photo: B. Ortiz).

Tourism has become an increasingly sector of the Cuban economy.

Lima, Peru (2013) (photo: J. Diaz-Garayua).

A beautiful historic district. This view shos the city hall of Lima. notice the flag at the right representing the indigenous nations.

The Last Supper (2013) (photo: J Diaz-Garayua).

The original piece (by Marcos Zapata) is located in Cuzco's Cathedral. Notice the "cuy" at the center of the table. The "cuy" is an Andean dish.

Los Moreau's Palace, Moca, Puerto Rico (2011) (photo: J. Diaz-Garayua).

Previously known as the Labadie Mansion, the house inspired Enrique Laguerre's novel La llamarada which narrates the socio-economic dynamics of the sugar cane central in 1930s.

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