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Cuzco, Peru

EGSG's moments


Various of our members honored with awards.

Carlos Teixeira and Stavros Constantinou

Carlos Teixeira receives the Scholar Award from Stavros Constantinou.

2012-2014 EGSG Executive Board

Heike Alberts, Madhuri Sharma, and Heather Smith

2012 Scholar Award

Wei Li receives the scholar award from Stavros Constantinou.

At the 2012 Business Meeting

Various of our members congratulating Wei Li.

2012-2014 EGSG Student Committee

In the usual order: Matt Cook, Ana Sanchez, Jennifer Hinojosa, and Wan Yu.

At the AAG 2008, Boston

The winners of the student paper competition and the dissertation proposal:Alan Marcus (top right) andTatiana Matejskova (bottom left). Also in the photo Jim Allen and Heather Smith.

2012, EGSG Board Committee Members

Starting at the bottom left (Clockwise) Wen Yu, Ana Sanchez,Heike Alberts, Micheline van Riemsdijk, David Kaplan, Matt Cook, Heather Smith, Luis Sanchez, and Jose Diaz-Garayua.

2014, Tampa, FL

Lawrence Estaville, 2014 EGSG Distinguish Scholar Award.

2015, Chicago, IL

Joe Darden, 2015 EGSG Career Award

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