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Summer Financial Aid

To be eligible for Summer Financial Aid:

  • You must be a regularly admitted, degree-seeking student (Not a "special" student).
  • Undergraduate students with at least 6 credits and graduate students with at least 3 credits are considered enrolled for halftime or more for summer. You must be enrolled at least half time to be considered for a federal student loan and federal work study.  Undergraduate students may receive Pell Grant.
  • Undergraduate students enrolled in 1-5 credits are considered "less than halftime." Although less than halftime students are not eligible for Direct Ford Loan, they may be considered for Federal Pell Grant (if they did not receive a full time Pell for both fall and spring semesters). In determining financial aid for students enrolled for less than halftime, room and board and personal expenses may not be included. Consequently, students qualify for significantly less aid if their enrollment status is less than halftime.

To apply for 2015 Summer Financial Aid you must:

1) Complete a 2014 - 15 FAFSA (If you have Financial Aid now, this process is complete)

  • All verification documentation (if required) must be received prior to awarding financial aid

2) Complete a Summer Application on MyBlugold Camps

  • A link to the Summer Aid Application can be found in the Finances Section of the Student Center on MyBlugold Camps.  Complete and save the Summer application after entering the number of credits you plan to enroll in for the summer term and your summer aid preference.  (The summer application will be available on MyBlugold Camps beginning in February)

3) Register for summer classes

  • Before your summer award will be determined, you must register for the same number of credits that you have projected on the Summer Aid Application.
  • If you enroll for a different number of credits than what you have projected, you must also update this number on the MyBlugold Summer Application.

Notification of Aid

You will be e-mailed a Financial Aid Notification, which will direct you to Self Service to view your summer financial aid award.  Any loan that you are eligible for must first be accepted in Accept/Decline Awards before it will be processed.

Implications of Dropping Classes:

The number of credits for which you enroll and the length of your combined classes determine your eligibility for summer aid. If you drop classes, your eligibility may change. You may be required to repay some or all or your financial aid if your enrolled credits change after you have received your aid.



A $100 down payment is due prior to registering.  Summer session financial aid may not be used to meet this obligation.


Financial Aid Disbursement and Payment of Fees

Authorized financial aid will be disbursed when your summer classes begin.  You will have to make personal arrangements to pay university fees if you have not completed the entire financial aid process prior to the beginning of summer classes.  Tuition and Fee payments cannot be postponed in order to use workstudy earning to make the payments.

Academic Progress


Due to the close proximity of our awarding process and summer disbursements, students will be allowed to continue to receive financial aid for summer even if they have not made satisfactory academic progress at the end of the spring semester.  If they are flagged for not making SAP at the end of spring, they will not be allowed to receive fall aid (unless they successfully appeal and have an academic plan).

Summer Work Study

For Students Enrolled in Summer School: Work study is a form of financial aid awarded to help meet "need" for summer school expenses. You may earn up to the dollar amount of your work study award.


Summer Repayment of Financial Aid Funds If You Withdraw

If you withdraw from the University before 60% of the semester has been completed, you may owe a repayment. Federal regulations require repayment of aid (excluding work-study) based on a direct pro-ration of days you were not in attendance.

If you were enrolled for 20% of the semester before you withdraw, 80% of your federal financial aid must be returned to the aid programs. If you stay through 50% of the semester, 50% of your aid must be returned. Once you complete at least 60% of the semester, however, you may keep 100% of the aid you received.

There is no tuition refund after the first 30 days of the semester. This means you may owe a repayment even though you are being charged for full tuition. You will be billed for any balance owed to the University as a result of returning the financial aid funds. The University will notify you of the dollar amount you owe.

Individualized calculations for required repayment will be done in the Business Office. Calendars are available to help you determine what percentage of the semester has been completed.