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Congratulations to the 2012-13 ECSNA Executive Board Members!
President: Kendra Schank
Legislative Vice President: Nikki Loeffler
Executive Vice President: Kasey Anderson
Secretary: Erin Stone
Treasurer: Danae Maier
Webmaster: Michelle Markwardt
Membership Coordinator: Jordyn Schemenauer
Fundraising Coordinator: Kelsey Lewandowski
Community Service Coordinator: Nicole Johnson
Historian: Annalise Donart
Co-Breakthrough to Nursing: Abigail Buechner & Marijo Kaschub
Hats On Daybenefiting The Foundation for Children with Cancer-Jalyn’s Chapter, will be taking place on April 26th. ECSNA will be selling Hats On Day stickers on the campus mall from April 24th-25th. We are looking for volunteers to help sell stickers on the campus mall. If you are interested, email Jordyn Schemenauer at for more information!




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Updated: April 19, 2012