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Garfield Avenue project affects travel on lower campus.

The project is expected to be completed in fall 2018, and the footbridge will be closed from late May to late August in both 2017 and 2018.

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Administrative Support + Knowledge Center


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ASK Center team

Jillian Anderson

Jillian supervises the Firstsource team in the Administrative Knowledge and Support Center and also serves as the campus Travel Manager. Jillian's focus is providing enthusiastic support and creative solutions for faculty, staff, and students.

Teresa Bednar
Paul Berkesch
  • Series 7
  • Series 66
  • Monitoring grant accounts
Timothy Boehnen
Kevin Brooks
  • Utilities/Computer/Printer Software, and Library Payments
  • Routine Center's Expenditure Transfers
  • Submit Daily Auxiliary Revenues
Karen Callaway
Joan Delsrude
  • Administrative support
  • Travel planning and reimbursement services
  • General purchasing services
  • Onboarding new faculty and staff
Barb Hanson

Faculty, academic staff and limited human resources management; preparation and routing of contracts, overload forms, and other personnel actions; coordination and routing of faculty promotion, tenure, and reappointment materials along with coordination of unclassified recruitment; provision of BP Logix electronic forms assistance; Talent Acquisition Management site leader. 

Cheryl Hauser

Supports the UW Service Center enterprisewide support organization, working with campuses and institutions on the Human Resources System (HRS) and supplemental systems at the University of Wisconsin. As a member of an Affinity Group in Tier 2, ensures that specific operational, support coordination and training goals are accomplished for UW campuses/institutions.

Provides functional and technical expertise to maintain and enhance the Talent Acquisition Manager (TAM) module.

Diane Hunter
  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • Campus Safety
  • Worker's Compensation
Patty Johnson

Faculty/academic staff/limited payroll processing. Direct deposits, tax withholding and funding. Faculty/academic staff/limited leave reporting. Student timesheet processing. Biweekly student payroll processing for direct deposits, tax withholding and funding. 

Jackie Kriesel
Sheri Kuberra
  • Process Direct Payments
  • Payment of Sodexo Food Invoices
  • Process Reimbursement Claims for Individuals
  • Entertainment Contracts
  • Process Refunds
  • Process Miscellaneous Special Invoices (Stipends, Postage)
  • Initiate Bank Wire Payments
Carley Kukuk
Kathi Lee

Administration of payroll services, staff benefits and leave programs. Budget management; staff supervision; administration of GIS criminal background checks, unclassified payroll. 

David J. Miller

Administration of human resources, planning, development, compensation, benefits, supplemental retirement and worker's compensation programs and criminal background checks. Retirement, disability and leave of absence counseling. Personnel database management; interpretation and application of FMLA, FLSA, ADA, etc.; UW System and campus committees; budget management; staff supervision. 

Alison Millis
  • Perform biennial and annual budget preparation.
  • Analyze the impact of legislative and/or administrative initiatives.
  • Develop financial resource allocation recommendations based on budget projections, alternative funding arrangements and overall budgetary constraints.
  • Coordinate the development of the program revenue budgets.
  • Develop short-term and long-term budgetary projections.
  • Serve as an internal consultant to campus departments.
Ben Nelson
  • Payment of invoices for encumbered purchase orders (POs)
  • Payment of Facilities Management invoices
  • Construction & Project Accounting payments
  • Credit memo application
  • Reconcile encumbrance file
  • Payment of newspaper ads, cell phones and internet
Dorothy A. Nelson
Lori Nicolet

Position management for faculty and academic staff staffing. Assist with faculty and academic staff benefits. Faculty tenure maintenance. Benefit information. Tax shelter annuity program. Retirement certificates and health insurance concerns 

Shawn R. Seuferer
  • Administrative support
  • Travel planning and reimbursement services
  • General purchasing services
  • Onboarding new faculty and staff
Kiana Smith
Jennifer Steinhorst
  • Human Resources Representative for Student Affairs and Campus Wellness
  • Employee relations
  • Employee and student recruitment
  • Reappointments and contract preparation
  • Coordinator for the Employee Assistance Program
Angie Underwood
  • Accounts Payable Supervisor
  • Moving Expenses
  • W2/1099/1042S Reporting
  • Banking and Cash Management
  • Prizes, Awards, Gifts, and Incentives
  • Foreign National/Non-Resident Payments
Jamie L. Whitcome
  • Administrative support
  • Travel planning and reimbursement services
  • General purchasing services
  • Onboarding new faculty and staff
Sheila Whitley

HRS Talent Acquisition Management (TAM) implementation team lead and expert for the UW Service Center on the TAM module of HRS. Providing technical-functional support forTAM to multiple UW campuses. 

Diane Willer

Information systems. Reporting. Development of data warehouse queries. Human Resources database management;  Human Resources website design and maintenance.  

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