Concert Dance Company has been a UW-Eau Claire theatre tradition for many years, and is continuing to grow! Each year, between 20 and 40 students are casted and spend various hours each week rehearsing in order to work towards the final performance in the spring!

One of the great things about Concert Dance Company is that it is completely student run, which means the shows, choreography, rehearsals, and events are all organized and run entirely by the members. It is a great (and rare) opportunity to have the ability to learn first hand what it is like to plan and pull off an entire perforamce, down to the very last detail.

Another great thing about CDC is that you can be as committed as you want! If you love to dance, but are taking a full load of classes and also have a job, don’t worry about it! The more pieces you audition for, the more hours you rehearse, but if you can only commit 1 or 2 hours per week to the company, than you can choose to only be a part of 1 or 2 pieces! We all understand that school is a priority, and our goal is to not let commitment hinder people from auditioning!


Our mission is to cultivate interest and participation in all types of dance in order to develop a deeper appreciation of the art.

We strive to provide friendships built on a foundation of love and appreciation of dance and the arts. Not only do our members continue their dance education and grow
as a performer, but each member will leave this company with life-long friendships and amazing experiences that they will remember forever.