Undergraduate Catalog 2012-2013

Registration updates

New accounting and finance electives. The Department of Accounting and Finance is offering two new electives: ACCT 409, Accounting Theory and Research (pre-requisite: ACCT 401); and FIN 428, Advanced Derivative Securities (pre-requisite: FIN 328).

Changes to FIN 310, Financial Literacy Program. FIN 310, Financial Literacy Program (FLIP), the one credit service-learning course offered by the Department of Accounting and Finance, has undergone a number of changes this year.

  • No advanced application required. Students no longer have to apply to the department to participate in FLIP prior to enrolling in the course. Now students register for FLIP the same way they register for any other UW-Eau Claire course.
  • New focus. FLIP will no longer provide counseling to economically disadvantaged individuals and families in the Eau Claire area. FLIP’s new focus is as follows 1) to increase student knowledge of personal finance through the use of guest speakers who are current working professionals in the topic area, and 2) to share this knowledge with members of the local community through presentations to groups like the Kiwanis Club and Rotary. These presentations will introduce students to business leaders in the community and provide networking opportunities.

For more information, contact Dr. Kris Kemper, FLIP coordinator and course instructor.

Changes to the Entrepreneur Program. Entrepreneurial Creativity and Idea Refinement (MGMT 371) will be taught for the last time as a 1 credit class in spring 2013. Entrepreneur students who have taken Introduction to the Entrepreneur Process and Mindset (MGMT 271) or are currently enrolled in it should take MGMT 371 in spring 2013. Starting fall 2013, MGMT 371 will be a three credit course that combines the current MGMT 271 and MGMT 371 content.

General Education Update. General Chemistry I and II (CHEM 103 and 104) are now both 4 credit courses (decreased from 5 credits).

Blugold Bundles. A Blugold Bundle is a group of 2-6 courses that are linked together in a way that allows students to explore a big question or theme. A bundle is taught by faculty who intentionally integrate course content between the bundled courses. They can be taught in one semester or over two or more semesters. The following Blugold Bundles are new for spring:

Turbans, Terrorism and Tina Faye: How does Pop Culture Shape Religious Perceptions?
A Spring 2013 bundle. This bundle connects Introduction to World Religions (REL 100.206) with Introduction to College Writing (ENGL 100.207). Fulfills English 110 and provides 3 credits of GE IVB, Foreign Culture and 1 credit of Cultural Diversity.

Integrated Marketing Communication
A Spring 2013 and Fall 2013 bundle. This bundle provides students with an integrated learning of courses in advertising, public relations and marketing. Students take Introduction to Public Relations (CJ 270.201) and Fundamentals of Advertising (CJ 265.201) during spring 2013 and Marketing Communications and Promotion Analysis (MKTG 332) during fall 2013. The bundle is designed for primarily for sophomores and juniors with declared majors or minors in public relations, advertising, and/or marketing.

What Fuels Our Lives: Where Energy Policy and Science Meet
A Spring 2013 bundle. This bundle is for students interested in earning credit towards an environmental studies minor or gaining upper division general education credits. Students take Communicating Scientific Subjects to General Audiences (ENGL 305.202), International Environmental Problems and Policies (GEOG 378.201), AND/OR Environmental Chemistry (CHEM 304.201).

What Makes Us Human?
This continuing bundle will accept new students for the spring if they take BOTH Introduction to Literature (ENGL 150.203) and Human Development (PSYC 230.201).

Registering for Bundled Courses

  • Upload all fall courses in the bundle into the shopping cart at one time. Note that all bundled courses have a .200 section number. All Blugold Bundle courses for a semester should be loaded into a student’s shopping cart and entered at the same time.
  • Students enrolled in fall 2012 Blugold Bundles that extend into the spring will be pre-enrolled through the Registrar’s Office. Students still need to register for the spring courses as any others.
  • Several of the spring 2013 Blugold Bundles that began in the fall will have the option for NEW students to enroll in the two or three courses offered during the term. Again, students should place all of the bundled courses in their shopping cart at the same time

New Peoplesoft Degree Audit. The new Peoplesoft degree audit is being introduced in phases. The old degree audit will no longer exist as of July 1.

  • All students under the 2012 Catalog have access to both the old and the new audits. To access the new audit students should go to “other academics” from the drop-down menu on “Student Center” and choose “degree audit-new” or “degree audit-what-if.”
    » View instructions for reading the new audit
  • All continuing students will have access to the new audit in January. Early in the spring semester students should print out the old audit and compare it to the new one. They should report any discrepancies to Degree Review.
  • Registration workshops introducing students to the new degree audit are being offered by the Office of Advising and New Student Initiatives. Information can be found at: www.uwec.edu/advising. Click on “registration workshops” for on-line registration.
  • All new students also have access to the “Planning audit.” They can put courses from their planner into this audit and see if they will meet all their requirements. This version of the audit is accessed through the “planner,” or “my plan” as it is known in the student’s version. The student will click on “Plan By My Requirements.”
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