The UAC: Getting Involved in the Organizations with the College of Business

The UAC: Getting Involved in Organizations with the College of Business

By Jake Kolb, Ryan Matchey, Tom Parsons, and Nate Shields

The University Activities Commission (UAC) is the campus organization that puts on several special events around the university. UAC is involved with homecoming, Winter Carnival, campus concerts, and the campus film series.

Kristi Basa, program director of the UAC and a junior management major, discussed how she became involved in UAC, what her roles as a leader entail, and how she thinks her position will help her in the future.

Basa became involved with UAC by going to the Blugold Organization Bash (BOB) her freshman year, with the intention of finding a committee or organization that planned homecoming events. This interest stemmed from her involvement in her high school student council and the enjoyment that came with planning her high school’s homecoming. Kristi asked around at BOB to find the organization that she wanted to join in order to plan and implement homecoming events.

Kristi states, “Students who want to get involved in any organization should understand their interests and ask around to find a group that fits those interests.” For example, students that are interested in joining UAC or understanding what the committee does should visit the UAC website.

Since becoming involved in UAC as a freshman, Kristi has risen through the ranks, becoming the program director of the organization in two years. Her responsibilities as a program director include supervising and directing the UAC’s five subcommittees. She meets with ten directors, two per subcommittee, every week to discuss the direction of each program. The five subcommittees that Kristi oversees include Cabin events, concerts, festivals, films, and special events.

As a director of UAC, Kristi is also required to attend Student Senate meetings and is an active member on the board of directors. She is not actually in Student Senate, so she is unable to vote on legislation, but she is able to voice her opinions before voting procedures. Kristi is required to attend these meetings because UAC receives funds from the student government budget which are obtained through student segregated fees. She urges students to attend UAC events because they are funded through student fees and most of them are free or very low cost.

Kristi believes that her involvement in UAC has benefited her and will continue to benefit her in the future. She obtained an internship at Cargill this past summer as a business analyst. However, one of her coworkers fell ill and Kristi was asked to step up to a project manager role. She feels the combination of her internship experience and leadership skills gained through UAC have showed her what she wants to do after college.

Kristi stated that business communication (BCOM 206) has been the most important class since she has been at the University. She said she needs to communicate frequently with her subcommittee directors, prospective sponsors, and event coordinators across numerous channels of communications. She gives credit to the College of Business, especially business communication, for her exceptional ability to lead UAC and coordinate events.

For more information on the UAC contact Kristi Basa or visit the website:

Jake Kolb Ryan Matchey Tom Parsons Nate Shields

From left to right: Jake Kolb is a senior marketing major from Waunakee, WI; Ryan Matchey is a senior marketing major from Centerville, MN; Tom Parsons is a senior marketing major from Appleton, WI; and Nate Shields is a junior management major from Menasha, WI. They wrote this article for their BCOM Advanced Writing class.

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