China 1+2+1 Program

Visiting Professors Experience 1+2+1

By Justina Forsythe, Jensine Hoeben, Hattie Kane, and Becky Roberts

1+2+1 ProgramThe Chinese 1+2+1 program, created in 2007 through the Center for International Education, continues to increase and impact UW-Eau Claire in many ways. Students who participate in the program are able to earn dual degrees from their home university as well as UW-Eau Claire, and faculty are able to come to the U.S. to either teach or conduct research. The first and fourth years, (1’s), are spent in a Chinese university. The second and third years, (2), are spent in a United States university.

Currently, the Marketing and Management Department as well as the Accounting and Finance Department are hosting three professors who are here through the 1+2+1 program from China: Kairui Lui, Lu Yu, and Benbo Li. All three are facilitated through the China Center for International Educational Exchange, American Association of State Colleges and Universities, and UW-Eau Claire. We interviewed two of the three professors who are participating in the program.

Kairui Lui, originally from Xi’an city, is Head of the Finance Division and Dean of the Finance Department at Shaanxi Normal University (SNNU). He is visiting under the Finance and Accounting Department at UW-Eau Claire. Kairui Lui obtained his Bachelor’s degree from Shaanix Institute of Finance and Economics, his Masters from Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, and his Ph.D from Xi’an Jiatong University. Although the 1+2+1 program seemed to have been mainly for students, Lui has participated through teaching a self-study on the accounting culture, and taking classes on the subject (Lui, 2010).

Lu Yu, another visiting professor in the Finance and Accounting Department, has a master’s degree in Financial Economics from the UK. She worked as a lecturer in Nanyang Normal University for four years. Currently, she is teaching classes in the Accounting (Principles of Accounting) and Finance departments (International Finance) to understand the differences in teaching styles and student behaviors in the classroom. She believes the original role of the 1+2+1 program is to provide an opportunity for Chinese students to study in the United States. Through this program, she has strengthened her international communication skills, and believes the experience of this program has impacted her life. (Yu, 2010)

The 1+2+1 program provides a bridge of opportunity between American and Chinese universities. Lu Yu states, “I think it [1+2+1 program] improves cultural understanding between two countries. Students from our two countries can better communicate with each other.”

By internationalizing our curriculum through global interactions, our cultural horizon broadens. UW-Eau Claire embraces these opportunities to create lifelong academic relationships with China through the 1+2+1 program. If you have any further questions about the China 1+2+1 program or need any additional information please e-mail or contact the Center for International Education.

Justina Forsythe Jensine Hoeben Hattie Kane Becky Roberts

From left to right: Justina Forsythe is a senior marketing major from Iron River, WI; Jensine Hoeben is a senior accounting major from Apple Valley, MN; Hattie Kane is a senior marketing major from Wausau, WI; and Becky Roberts is a senior marketing major from Elkhorn, WI. They wrote this article for their BCOM Advanced Writing class.

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