Marketing Analytics: Today & Tomorrow

Marketing Analytics: A Career for Today & Tomorrow

By Kelli Anderson, James Hollman, Carrie Meyer, Karlee Shaw, and Kelli Sullivan

Students throughout the country are looking for new and creative ways to enhance their resumes. University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire senior Amanda Wruck wanted “a way to stand out when applying for jobs.” Her route? A major in marketing analytics.

The marketing analytics program teaches students how to analyze databases and apply the appropriate software and tools to examine data for the company they work for, according to Dr. Joe Bonner, the UW-Eau Claire marketing professor who teaches most of the marketing analytics courses in the business college.

Students interested in marketing analytics should have good quantitative skills, enjoy analyzing numbers, and have the ability to work with several types of data software, according to Bonner. They should also have excellent communication skills.

Mallory Rinehart agrees. A May 2008 graduate, Rinehart works for Nielsen Company, a global information and media organization.

“You can be an amazing analyst, but if you can’t communicate your findings, [they are] essentially useless,” said Rinehart.

The combination of these skills and the experience students receive in the analytics program can lead to positions such as marketing and retail analyst, Web analyst, and Internet coordinator.

While marketing analytics is on the fast track to becoming a necessity in business, Bonner and Wruck both agree that students don’t know much about the profession and what it can do for their future careers.

Wruck would like to see UW-Eau Claire increase its support for the program. She suggests advertising it on the College of Business Web site, offering more marketing electives, and encouraging professors to support the program. The marketing analytics curriculum is an opportunity for UW-Eau Claire marketing students to become well-rounded in their field and have something more to offer potential employers. Getting ahead of the competition is enough to boost this program to the forefront of the marketing profession.

Two Marketing Analytics Success Stories

Mallory Rinehart

Mallory Rinehart, a 2008 UW-Eau Claire marketing graduate, describes her job with Nielsen Company as analyzing the 4 P’s: price, product, placement, and promotion effectiveness. Rinehart believes her marketing classes prepared her to be a very successful retail analyst with the globalized organization. Rinehart plans to return to school and receive a MBA in marketing analytics.

Jennine Lewitzke

May 2007 UW-Eau Claire alumni Jennine Lewitzke, has worked as an Internet marketing analyst for the past two years at Mason Companies Inc. Lewitzke says that marketing analytics “balances the strict side of business with the fun side of business.” Her daily tasks include analyzing Web site traffic and examining the flow of purchases and reports from company analytical tools. She loves her job because she “has the ability to suggest changes and see them happen.” Lewitzke advises all students to get involved and to talk to their advisors.

Kelli Anderson James Hollman Carrie Meyer Karlee Shaw Kelli Sullivan

From left to right: Kelli Anderson is a senior marketing major from Delano, MN; James Hollman is a senior finance major from Wausau, WI; Carrie Meyer is a senior HR management major from Augusta, WI; Karlee Shaw is a senior management major from Wausau, WI; and Kelli Sullivan is a senior marketing major from Green Bay, WI They wrote this article for their BCOM Advanced Writing class.

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