Registration 2006

Time for Registration

Winterim. Priority registration for Winterim courses began October 9. Register ASAP as courses failing to meet enrollment minimums will be canceled. Classes will close when full. PACs not required. However, a down payment of $100 is required. The last day to cancel enrollment in a Winterim course and receive a full fee refund is December 29, 2006.

» Winterim 2007 Class Schedule

Spring 2007. Priority registration for Spring semester begins November 8 and ends December 8. Registration appointment times for Spring semester registration are sent via e-mail. Before registration, a down payment of $100 is required.

Undergraduate who must get PACs from advisers include:

(1) All freshmen and sophomores (students with fewer than 60 earned credits)
(2) All transfers students
(3) Juniors and seniors not in good academic standing

» Spring 2007 Class Schedule

Program Updates

Programs not listed do not have changes.

College of Business Update

  • College of Business majors should plan to complete all 200 and 300 level BUSCORE courses by the end of their JUNIOR year.  As summer and winterim offerings are contingent on sufficient enrollment, you should develop a degree plan that provides some flexibility in the event a summer or winterim course is cancelled.  In particular, COB majors should NOT plan course schedules that depend on taking a 200 or 300 level BUSCORE course during the winterim or summer immediately prior to their last semester, during which they will be taking MGMT 449.

Information Systems

  • No changes for Spring 2007. However, prerequisites and semesters taught for a number of courses will be revised in the 2007-08 catalogue. For more information, contact Dr. Thomas Hilton.

Management Update

  • MGMT 445, Compensation Theory and Administration, will be offered Fall 2007.

  • HR majors planning a Fall 2007 graduation should take MGMT 455, Industrial Relations, this spring. MGMT 455 most likely WILL NOT be offered Fall 2007. Although MGMT 455 is listed in the catalog as a SPRING ONLY course, lately it has been offered both fall and spring. Starting with the '07-'08 academic year it will revert to a SPRING ONLY course as indicated in the catalog.

Marketing Update

  • Students interested in participating in the Fall 2007 UW-Eau Claire Collegiate Sales Competition should plan ahead. To compete next fall, they must have completed or be currently enrolled in at least one of the following classes: Professional Sales, Sales Management, or Advanced Sales Topics. NOTE: Professional Sales, Sales Management, and Advanced Sales Topics are offered Spring 2007. Sales Management will also be offered Summer 2007.

Student Professional Development Update

  • Career Planning, the first workshop in the College of Business Student Professional Development Program, will be offered November 20, 27 and December 4 from 5:30 - 6:30 pm in Schneider 315. Competition of the Career Planning workshop is a graduation requirement for business students using the 2005-06 and subsequent university catalogues. » For more information

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