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Advisers Take the Stress Out of Registration

By Jamie Schnurer, Tabitha Balczewski, & Laura Speltz

One of the most stressful times during college is registering for classes each semester. To reduce stress, Dr. Kristy Lauver, Department of Management and Marketing reminds students to "keep all doors open," when registering. She recommends that students find an adviser who works well with their needs, and be open to the different possibilities their education can provide. With the right combination of preparation and organization, you and your adviser can take the stress out of registration.

What does an adviser do?

Your adviser checks your progress towards the fulfillment of degree requirements and provides ongoing consultation on course selection and course load. He/she is a good resource for career advice and career planning.  Your adviser can also refer you to appropriate resources if you are having academic difficulties or facing personal issues related to depression, drinking, and family illnesses/deaths.

There are certain things advisers don't do.  For example, they won't tell you what your major should be, and they don't register you for classes.

What are my responsibilities as an advisee?

Advising should be an ongoing, proactive process between you and your adviser.  For this to happen, you must take the initiative to meet regularly with your adviser, come prepared for meetings, and be open to the advice your adviser gives you. » View Your Responsibilities as an Advisee

How often should I see my adviser?

The university requires you to meet with your adviser at certain times, such as before you register for classes. » View When to See Your Adviser

Otherwise, it is really up to you. Advisers keep regular office hours which they posted on their office doors. You can also reach them by phone and by email. Refer to the COB Directory for contact information.

Can I change my adviser?

You can always request a new adviser. A good adviser should possess the following characteristics:

  • Knowledge. Knowing information about a major and providing options for graduation.

  • Availability. Having a variety of office hours available and also communicating if the they cannot make a scheduled time.

  • Helpfulness. Willingness to help plan future schedules and suggest other options throughout each semester.

Students switch advisers for many reasons: the adviser has left the university, a student has changed his/her major, or some advisers just have other priorities. See the program associate in your major's department office to change your adviser. Once you have switched advisers, you should make an appointment to introduce yourself.

SchnurerBalczewskiJamie Schsnurer (far left) is a marketing major from New Berlin, WI. Tabitha Balczewski (on right) is a business management major from Exeland, WI. Laura Speltz (not pictured) is a business administration major from Rochester, MN. They wrote this article for a BCOM 306 class project.

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Tips for Registration

Prepare multiple schedules. Registration goes a lot smoother when you have other options available.

Meet with your adviser.

Make an appointment. This is especially important during registration when your adviser has other students he/she needs to help during this period.

Come prepared. Know what you want to accomplish during your visit, and bring appropriate questions and materials.

Be honest. If things are not going well for you, tell your adviser. Your adviser can only offer advice and support if he/she knows what is really going on in your life.

Check availability of your classes. The night before your scheduled appointment, check the availability of your classes and rearrange your schedule if needed.

Register on time. Be ready to register at your registration time.

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