Following in the Footsteps of Family

Three generations of UW-Eau Claire graduates: Joan Murray (1971), Brittani Elert (2010), and Kit Elert (1982)

Following in the Footsteps of Family

By Anne McCann, Allison O’Brien, Alex Syse, and Natalie Weger

Why did you choose to go to UW-Eau Claire? Was it the program you wanted? Did you like the campus? Or did you know alumni who recommended it?

Two students share their reasons for choosing the Eau Claire Advantage, because of their parents’ great experience here. Megan Means, a senior marketing major, and Brittani Elert, a recent human resources management graduate, both had family who attended UW-Eau Claire.

Brittani Elert is the third generation in her family to attend UW-Eau Claire. Her grandmother, Joan Murray, graduated in 1971 with a business education degree. Brittani’s mother, Kit Elert, graduated in 1982 with a business administration degree. All three generations have noticed the benefits of the people they met and education they have received at UW-Eau Claire. Now Brittani’s younger brother, Eric, is beginning his college search and considering UW-Eau Claire because he has seen the rewards that come from a UW-Eau Claire degree from his sister, mother, and grandmother.

Megan Means’ parents met, fell in love, and received their degrees all at UW-Eau Claire.

Initially, Brittani and Megan considered UW-Eau Claire because their parents are alumni. However, when asked why they chose to come to UW-Eau Claire, both stated they were ultimately impressed by the reputation of the College of Business. Means said that she visited the campus a couple of times throughout high school, and eventually made my decision based on the prestige of the College of Business, as well as the beauty of the campus.

Choosing UW-Eau Claire largely because of the College of Business has proven to be very advantageous for both girls. In life post-graduation, Brittani Elert has noticed her UW-Eau Claire degree paying off. The Professional in Human Resources certification that she was required to obtain through her human resources management degree has helped her to gain internships during graduate school, “and will help me secure a full-time position upon graduation,” stated Elert.

Parents don’t necessarily make the ultimate decision about where their children go to college, but their positive college experiences may influence their children’s choices about which universities to attend. Although Brittani and Megan’s parents attended UW-Eau Claire, their final decision to attend was based on the many options that the campus offers. With a variety of strong majors, a beautiful campus, and enticing study abroad programs, it is hard for anyone to pass up.

The Eau Claire Advantage may be linking generations, but the school is able to speak for itself with all of its appealing attributes.

Anne McCann Allison O'Brien Alex Syse Natalie Weger

From left to right: Anne McCann is a junior business administration major from Hustler, WI; Allison O'Brien is a senior management major from Stillwater, MN; Alex Syse is a senior marketing major from Verona, WI; and Natalie Weger is a senior marketing major from Wauwatosa, WI. They wrote this article for their BCOM Advanced Writing class.

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