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Provostís Goals Come Full Circle at Eau Claire

By: Chelsey Dahm, Kathryn Moss, Carla Guss, Alicia Gillberg

From academics to sports and everything in-between, everyone has his or her own reason for coming to UW-Eau Claire. UW-Eau Claire’s new provost, Patricia Kleine, is no different.  Throughout her extensive career in academia, UW-Eau Claire has been on Klein’s radar as one of seventeen schools that excel in various areas. When the provost position became available here on campus, it seemed like a natural fit.

Kleine always had an interest in researching and asking questions.  In college she studied biology and planned to become a physician.  A change of heart led her to academia, where she worked as a teacher for students with special needs. From there, she began her ascent up the administrative ladder.

As provost, Kleine oversees all academic parts of the university and acts in place of the chancellor in the event of his absence.  She also serves as vice chancellor for academic affairs, where she oversees such areas as admissions, advising, and honor societies.

Within the college of business, Dean V. Thomas Dock meets Kleine on a weekly basis to provide updates and to gain approval for new policies and changes. With Dock’s impending July retirement, Kleine is also charged with interviewing candidates for the dean's position. When asked what qualities she seeks in the candidates, Kleine stated that the new dean should recognize the talents of the faculty they serve and facilitate the growth of those talents.  Strong communication skills among faculty members are crucial. The candidate should jump in to help when they notice a faculty member struggling to start a new program. Above all, the candidate should be a people person.

As a former COB Dean, Kleine is well aware of what makes the COB great.  Kleine has noticed that, “our COB students are very competitive among each other and among graduates from other schools.” She believes that the many certification programs offered within the COB strengthen the students’ competitive advantages. The diverse set of talents amongst COB students provides UW-Eau Claire with richness and sets its students apart from others when entering the job market.

Kleine says that employers are looking for people who are thoughtful, quick, confident, and scholarly. Students are not expected to know everything; however, the ability to find answers is vital. Employers want to see graduates who are good listeners and seek more information through asking follow-up questions. Kleine believes that “UW-Eau Claire students are resourceful and will be an asset in moving the country out of this tough economy. “

On a more personal note, Kleine is very passionate about nature. She explains, “I’m most free on top of a mountain with skies.”  She enjoys white water rafting and canoeing, and her most recent nature endeavor is sailing.

Kleine’s presence on our campus means new ideas for the entire campus. The College of Business and its students will be directly and positively affected by her.

Alicia Gillberg Carla Guss Kathryn Moss

From left to right: Alicia Gillberg is a senior marketing major from Drummond, Wi; Carla Guss is a senior accounting major from Kronenwetter, WI; Kathryn Moss is a senior marketing major from Green Bay, WI; Not pictured: senior Chelsey Dahm. They wrote this article for their BCOM Advanced Writing class.

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