Job Hunting

On the Hunt: Job Search Advice from COB Students

By Ben Collete, Julie Germain, Stefanie Lindberg, Jennifer Schlewitz

Despite the current job market , University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire students are still able to hunt down and grab full-time post-graduate careers. Now is the time to strap on the camo and check out the hunting strategies that worked for these students:

Student: Michelle Slobodnik
Hometown: Farmington, Min
Major: Accounting
Job Placement after Graduation: Financial Analyst for Thomson-Reuters

Job Hunting Strategy: Slobodnik submitted her resume and was selected for an on-campus interview after speaking with a senior accountant for Thomson-Reuters. After advancing to a second round of interviews, she was offered a job. Though she didn’t see herself starting in a financial analyst position, Slobodnik said she recognized this as a springboard to her career. Slobodnik said her Advanced Business Communications Certificate, Government Audit Internship and involvement with the National Student Exchange program, were some qualities that helped her stand out in her job hunt. She said potential employers commented on these experiences, saying that they showed her professional flexibility and willingness to operate outside of her comfort zone.

Advice to Other Job Hunters: “Researching the company and the position you’re applying for [and] preparing insightful questions...will show you’re genuinely interested in the company.”

Student: John Sharman
Hometown: Green Bay, Wis
Major: Business Administration
Job Placement after Graduation: Independent Agent for Aflac

Job Hunting Strategy: Sharman said he once thought that he didn’t need an internship. Now in today’s job market, he understands that having one is vital. He feels an internship gives people something to talk about, and allows them to draw examples from during interviews. Currently working as an intern for Aflac, Sharman was encouraged to apply for a full-time agent position. After a previous intern recommended him, Sharman went through two interviews and was offered the job. Sharman said what differentiated himself from other candidates were his Leadership Certificate and his background with the company.

Advice to Other Job Hunters: “The biggest thing is persistence. Use every interview, phone call, and personal meeting with professionals to your advantage…don’t let the economy be an excuse for not finding a job. If you have a degree, you will find a job.”

Student: Arelí “Lili” Peréz
Hometown: Waukesha, Wis
Major: Human Resources Management
Job Placement after Graduation: Trainer for Harmon Solutions Group

Job Hunting Strategies: Perez worked for Harmon Solutions Group for about a year, before she moved up the corporate ladder. Perez said she worked hard and demonstrated her abilities to be hired for her position. She originally sought a human resource position at a mid-sized company, but in current economy, she said she’s just glad to have a job related to her degree to build her credentials. Perez said she set herself apart from other candidates with her summer 2007 internship at Wells Fargo and by obtaining the Advanced Business Communication Certificate.

Advice to Other Job Hunters: “Most people search for an average of six months before finding a job…the only option for students is to keep job hunting.”

Additional Advice

Jessica Gardner, career and employment manager for the College of Business recommends some Web sites that may help assist you in the job hunt. Gardner also said students should “check out [the Career Services] website to see a few links that might help…find jobs.”

Ben ColleteJulie Germain Stefanie LindbergJennifer Schlewitz

From left to right: Ben Collete is a junior marketing major from Eagan, Min; Julie Germain is a senior management major from New Richmond, Wis; Stefanie Lindberg is a senior management major from Bruce, Wis; Jennifer Schlewitz is a junior accounting major from Eau Claire, Wis. They wrote this article for their advanced business communication course.

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