SIM SuperBowl

COB Capstone Students Test their Knowledge in Class and at the COB Sim Superbowl

For the past eight weeks, student teams in Todd Hostager and Kristy Lauver’s Management 449 capstone classes participated in Glo-Bus, a course-wide computer simulation where students run a digital camera company in head-to-head competition against companies managed by their UW-Eau Claire classmates.  

The hypothetical companies assembled cameras at a modern facility in Taiwan and shipped them to camera retailers located in Europe-Africa, North America, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America.  Companies also maintained sales offices in all four geographic regions to handle sales and promotion efforts and support the merchandising efforts of local retailers.

“The Sim Superbowl is really a fun event because it brings everyone together,”

Kristy Lauver,
Assistant Professor of Management

During the eight-week competition, Management 449 teams made decisions that affected their company’s performance and its rank within the global market place. Decisions ranged from R&D, camera components, and camera performance to production operations and worker compensation to pricing and marketing to the financing of company operations. Individual company and industry results were posted weekly and industry leaders for each class section were announced at the end of the competition.

On April 27, Management 449 teams had a second chance to test their business knowledge using the Glo-Bus simulation at the 2nd UW-Eau Claire Sim Superbowl, a three-hour competition that pitted all 48 Management 449 teams against each other. The college-wide event took place in Schofield Auditorium with teams using laptops to enter their decisions.

“The Sim Superbowl is really a fun event because it brings everyone together,” according to Kristy Lauver, assistant professor of Management and one of the instructors of the course. “And the pace is very quick -- teams make six decision within three hours -- one decision every half hour -- using what they’ve learned throughout the semester.” According to Lauver, UW-Eau Claire is the only university she knows of that does a “super bowl” event with Glo-Bus or any other simulation.

2nd UW-Eau Claire Sim Superbowl Results

Overall Sim Superbowl Leaders

  • Highest Overall Score, Top Earnings per Share, Top Stock Price: ExquisiPic Digital (Mark Behl, Scott Jaeger, Katrina Rademacher, Sarah Wallin)

  • Highest Return on Equity: Action Snap Shot (Ryan Elliot, Jared Leis, Alberto Mendez, Eddie Rindahl, Chris Thies)

Individual Industry Leaders

  • Industry 22: Eye-magine Cameras (Amber Ahlers, Miranda Messenger, Jeff Olsen, Dayne Shuda)

  • Industry 23: ExquisiPic Digital (Mark Behl, Scott Jaeger, Katrina Rademacher, Sarah Wallin)

  • Industry 24: Catch Us If You Can (Kelsey Allenstein, Eric Highlander, Kathleen Reilly, Kate Ritchie, Kimberly Rose)

  • Industry 25: Endo-Recognize! (Nicholas Anderson, Derrick Becker, Mitch Gardner, Michael Greer, Steve Jarombek)

  • Industry 26: Guerilla Cameras (Ryan Fritsch, Andrew Hansen, Scott Herber, Tyler Skaya)

  • Industry 27: ActionFlash (Jason Johnson, Curtiss Mayenschein, Ben Riehle, Lance Tangen)

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