Finding Your Target with an Internship

Finding Your Target with an Internship

Written by Gretchen Bachmeier, Sophomore Entrepreneur Major from Eau Claire, Wis., and College of Business Intern

Feeling the pressure of finding a job after graduation? Landing an internship just might be the necessary catalyst for obtaining employment and entering the workforce. For Joseph Bottensek, from Stevens Point, Wis., his internship experience was just that—a catalyst.

During the summer of 2010, Joseph was hired to work as an intern with Target Headquarters in Minneapolis, Minn. As an Information Systems major, Joe was also looking for an internship that had an emphasis in business analysis. Additionally, he desired to work for a fortune 500 company with a well-structured internship program. So, Target seemed like a perfect fit.

To begin his search, Joe attended Career Conference, hosted by UW-Eau Claire Career Services, in the fall of 2009. Approximately 100 employers were available at this event to discuss careers, including internships and full time opportunities. After talking to Target Representatives, Joe was told he could apply for an internship with Target online using Career Services’ Career Link. Soon, Joe’s application was accepted, and an interview was arranged to take place on-campus.

Joe prepared himself to feel confident and knowledgeable for his interview by researching Target’s website and reading up on typical interview questions. After a successful interview, Joe was offered a paid internship.

Joe’s internship opportunity allowed him to work as a business analyst in risk assessment for Target. The goal of his team was to test and improve the logic for a series of surveys and questionnaires that vendors for Target Technology Services take before doing business together. Joe became a part of Target’s technology team, and worked directly with his supervisor, a project manager, and a contractor. During his time with Target, Joe received some memorable advice. His supervisors wanted to hear a fresh point of view that Joe could bring to the table, and consistently encouraged him to “use his voice.”

Time management, organizational skills, technical analytical skills and business writing skills are all experiences Joe felt he gained as a result of his internship with Target. In addition to these skills, Joe also learned a few things about himself. He learned that he has the potential to be more organized and more efficient.

Joe believes every COB student at Eau Claire would benefit from an internship.

“This internship helped me find my niche in such a broad major,” said Joe.

He believes being immersed in a company’s culture and environment is a completely different experience than being in the classroom, which is another benefit of an internship.

Joe Bottensek will start a full-time position with Target after graduating this spring. He will enter Target’s Technology Leadership program, which will last anywhere from 18-24 months. Joe will then be placed in a position that will benefit not only Joe, but also the company. Joe’s placement will be based on his strengths and weaknesses.

Joe believes that his internship with Target was a truly amazing experience. He hopes that every student strives to obtain their own internship, and to find their catalyst.

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