Get Ready For Summer, Fall 2009 Registration

Spring 2009 COB Registration Update

A number of changes have been implemented for the 2009-10 academic year. These changes include new requirements (COB laptop requirement, BCOM 206 requirement, change in major requirements due to change in BSAD 305), revised 120-hour accounting and entrepreneur majors, new minors (information systems audit and control, entrepreneur), new courses (accounting, IS, management), and notification of course fees (Mgmt 449, HCAD 301). Questions? Contact your adviser or Dr. Jack Hoggatt, COB assistant dean.

COB Laptop Requirement. Beginning Fall 2009, all students enrolling in select College of Business courses must have in-class access to a laptop computer.
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BSAD 305. The number of credits for BSAD 305 has decreased from 3 credits to 2 credits. As the result of this change, business administration, business economic, finance, information systems, management and marketing students will need to increase the number of elective credits required for their major by one credit. Accounting students will make up the one credit difference by taking Acct 404 Volunteer Income Tax Assistance, a course now required for all accounting majors.

MGMT 449. Students are required to purchase online access to the GLOBUS online strategic management simulation. Approximate cost: $36. Students will be instructed in class as to how to access the simulation.

Business Essentials. Business Essential online courses cannot be used to fulfill course requirements for any business major or minor program.

Student Professional Development Program. REMINDER—Completion of the Student Professional Development Program is a graduation requirement for ALL College of Business students. Students can register for the non-credit workshops at Students should complete all four workshops prior to their senior year.

Accounting and Finance Update

New courses: Acct 305 Environmental & Sustainability Accounting, 3 cr (pre-req: Acct 202); Acct 404 Volunteer Income Tax Assistance, 1 cr; Acct 405 International Accounting, 3 cr (pre-req: Acct 302); Acct 410 Investment & Retirement Plan Accounting, 3 cr (pre-req Acct 302, Acct 321); Acct 420 Fraud Investigation and Prevention, 3 cr (pre-req Acct 302, Acct 313); Acct 425 Ethics in Accounting, 3 cr (pre-req Acct 302, Acct 313)

New interdisciplinary minor: Information Systems Audit and Control
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Revised 120-hour accounting major for students entering Fall 2009 or those electing to switch to the 2009-10 catalog


ELECTIVES: a minimum of 7 credits selected from the following list:

Revised finance major, for students entering Fall 2009 or those electing to switch to the 2009–10 catalog


REQUIRED ACCOUNTING COURSES: Minimum of 6 credits (Note: this list no longer includes Acct 450)


FINANCE ELECTIVE: Minimum 3 credits

Additional COB credits at 300 level or above to complete 60 credits: 2 cr

BSAD 206 Information

New requirement for students taking BCOM 206 starting fall 2009. Students enrolled in BCOM 206 (Business Writing) must also complete the Business Writing Fundamentals Program, a new program designed to ensure they have the basic writing skills needed to successfully complete BCOM 206 as well as other COB courses. A pretest will be administered to students in BCOM 206 at the beginning of the fall 2009 semester. Students passing the pretest will satisfy the Business Writing Fundamentals Program requirement. Those who do not pass the pretest must complete the Business Writing Fundamentals Program, which can be taken concurrently with BCOM 206.

Information Systems Update

New interdisciplinary minor: Information Systems Audit and Control
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New course: IS 320, Internship in Information Systems I. The course has been added to the list of electives for both IS major emphases. Up to three internship credits (IS 320 or 420) can count in the IS major.

Change in prerequisites: IS 345, Data Communication Networks, From: IS 240; Minimum junior standing, To: IS 304: Minimum junior standing, Co-requisite: IS 310 or concurrent enrollment

Change in the number of credits and course title: IS 420, Internship in Information Systems, From: 3 credits, To: 1-3 credits; Internship in Information Systems II. Up to three internship credits (IS 320 or 420) can count in the IS major.

Management and Marketing Update

Revised Entrepreneur major
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New Entrepreneur minor
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New Entrepreneur courses: Mgmt 271—Introduction to the Entrepreneurial Process and Mindset, Mgmt 371—Entrepreneurial Creativity and Idea Refinement, Mgmt 471—Business Plan Considerations and Drafting and Mktg 372—Advanced Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Dropped Entrepreneur courses: The following courses will no longer be offered at the end of the Fall 2009 semester: Mgmt 405—Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship, Mgmt 406—Practical Entrepreneurship, Mgmt 415—Advanced Entrepreneurship, Mgmt 416—Business Plan Considerations for Entrepreneurs

New prerequisite for BSAD 280: IS 240

Change in major/minor offering. Students under the 2009–10 catalog can no longer have a business administration major/management minor combination.

Health Care Administration Program

  • Students in HCAD 301 will pay a $20 special course fee for criminal background check
  • Students with senior standing will be restricted from registering for HCAD 101.
  • The following courses are no longer doubled numbered and will be available for undergraduate credit only: HCAD 403—Resident Service Management, HCAD 404—Quality Management in Health Care, HCAD 405—Health Services Human Resource Management, HCAD 406—Information Use and Systems, HCAD 407—Financial Management in Health Care, HCAD 408—Marketing and Public Relations in Health Services.
  • Schedule changes: HCAD 222 will be offered in the fall (changed from a spring offering); IDIS 201 will be offered in the spring (changed from a fall offering)

Get Ready for Summer, Fall 2009 Registration

Summer 2009. Registration for Summer 2009 session began February 16. PACs are not required, however a $100 down payment is due by Friday, April 24. Failure to make payment will result in a cancelled registration.

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Fall 2009. Registration for Fall 2009 occurs April 3–May 1. Degree audits and registration appointment times will be sent to students via e-mail the week of March 9. A $100 down payment is required prior to registering for classes. Beginning this semester, all College of Business majors must obtain a PAC from their advisor.

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News around Schneider
Important Dates

Wednesday, March 4
Fall schedule of classes available on MyBlugold & Web

Week of March 9
Degree audits & registration appointment times for Fall semester registration sent to students via email

April 3 – May 1
Fall semester undergraduate registration by assigned day/time; $100 down payment required; Undergraduate who must get PACs from advisers include: (1) all freshmen and sophomores (students with fewer than 60 earned credits), (2) all first-degree transfer students, and (3) juniors and seniors not in good academic standing, and (4) all College of Business majors.

Friday, April 24
$100 down payment for summer registration due. Registrations will be cancelled if $100 is not paid.

Special Advising Sessions

Dr. Larry Honl, COB pre-business student adviser, will hold two group advising sessions next week. The hour long sessions for COB majors with less than 45 credits are geared toward helping those students develop schedules for the fall 2009 semester. You can also meet one-on-one with Dr. Honl starting after spring break.

Tuesday, March 10
4:00 - 5:00 pm
Schneider 208

Wednesday, March 11
4:00 - 5:00 pm
Schneider 208

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