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2008-09 Catalog Updates

BBA General Education requirements, 2008-09 catalog

You may “upgrade” to a new catalog if you wish; however, you must meet ALL degree requirements of your new catalog. To help you determine which catalog is best for you, you can request a “what if” degree audit for that catalog year.

Changes to BBA GE requirements, 2008-09 catalog

GE-IA and IB: No new changes

GE-II: Nine to 12 credits from at least two subcategories. Must complete either: two courses from List A, or one course from List A and one course from List B. If a third course is needed, students can select any GE-II course to fulfill the remaining credit requirement:

  • List A: Biol 100, 151, 195; Chem 100, 103, 104, 115; Geog 104; Geol 110, 115; Phys 211, 212, 226, 229, 231, 232
  • List B: Biol 130, 180, 196; Chem 127; Geog 178, 361; Geol 102, 201, 301, 303, 308; Phys 308, 315

GE-III: Nine to 12 credits, to include Econ 103 and 104, and a third course selected from the following list: Anth 161, Geog 111, 150, 151, 155; Pols 122, 125, 265, 346; Psyc 100; Soc 101; Inter 201, 325

GE IV: No new changes

Accounting Update

Course change, 2008-09 catalog

  • Change in course availability for Acct 460: 460 is only available on campus in fall semesters. 460 is only available online in spring semesters.
  • Change in course availability for electives: Acct 323 is available only in fall semesters; Acct 415 is available only in spring semesters.
  • Discontinued course. Acct 322 will no longer be offered. As Acct 323 requires completion of Acct 322, this pre-requisite will be waived.

Finance Update

Course change, 2008-09 catalog

  • Change in course number: FIN 321 (formerly FIN 421). NOTE: This course is open to juniors who have completed Fin 320

HCAD Update

Significant curriculum changes have been made to the HCAD major, beginning with the 2008-09 catalog. These changes include new General Education requirements, and new degree requirements. For example, BSAD 300 is now required, as is Bcom 206 AND 207 (replacing CJ 357).

You may “upgrade” to a new catalog if you wish; however, you must meet ALL degree requirements of your new catalog. To help you determine which catalog is best for you, you can request a “what if” degree audit for that catalog year.

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Changes to the HCAD GE requirements, 2008-09 catalog

GE-IA: CJ 202 (to replace ENGL 205)

GE IB: No new changes

GE-II: Nine to 12 credits, to include: Bio 151, 196 and one of the following Chemistry courses: CHEM 100, 103, 104 or CHEM 115

GE-III: Nine to 12 credits from at least two of the seven subcategories, to include:Econ 103, 104 and Psyc 100 (Soc 101 has been dropped)

GE IV: No new changes

Course changes, 2008-09 catalog

  • New courses: HCAD 375–Fundamentals of Health Care Finance; HCAD 411–Cultural Competency and Globalization; HCAD 412–Professional Ethics and Advocacy; HCAD 420–Leadership Development Module 1; HCAD 421–Leadership Development Module; HCAD 422–Leadership Development Module 3
  • Discontinued courses: HCAD 402; HCAD 409; and HCAD 410
  • New course names: HCAD 301-Foundations of Quality Management Systems in Health Services (formerly Delivery Systems in Health Care)
  • Courses having changes in credits, enrollment restrictions, instructional level, and timetable/outline: HCAD 403; HCAD 404; HCAD 405; HCAD 406; HCAD 407; HCAD 408. See 2008-09 catalog for details.

Information Systems Update

Changes to major, 2008-09 catalog

  • Suspended emphasis: Enterprise Networking

Program changes, 2008-09 catalog

  • Changes to Systems Development emphasis: Change course requirement: Dropped: IS 384; Added IS 375
  • Changes to IS major: Dropped the following elective options: ACCT 312; ACCT 314; ART 274; CS 319; CS 320; CS 321; MGMT; Added the following elective options: ART 312; CS 145; CS 163, IS 384
  • Changes in IS certificate: Dropped the following elective options: MGMT 405, and MKTG 336

Course Changes, 2008-09 catalog

  • New names: IS 375-Enterprise Network Administration & Security (formerly LAN Development & Management); IS 384-Advanced Design & Development (formerly Advanced Database Concepts)
  • Change in course availability: Variable offerings: IS 410; IS 475
  • Change in prerequisites and course description: IS 384. See 2008-09 catalog for description.

Management Update

Program Changes, 2008-09 catalog

  • Change in general emphasis management major: MGMT 200 OR 446 required for program; Number of credits of electives reduced from 16 credits to 13.
  • Change in Leadership certificate. Stricter requirements on leadership experience
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Course changes, 2008-09 catalog

  • Change in name: MGMT 452, Master Planning of Resources (formerly Inventory, MRP, and CRP)

Marketing Update

Program changes, 2008-09 catalog

  • New emphasis: Marketing Analytics—see box below.
  • New course names: Mktg 332-Marketing Communications and Promotion Analysis (formerly Promotion Management and Marketing Communications); Mktg 338-Marketing Analytics and Technology (formerly Marketing Technology and Application)

Course changes, 2008-09 catalog

  • Change in course credits for Mktg 338: 3 credits (formerly 2 credits)
  • Change in course prerequisites for MKTG 490-Advanced Sales: MKTG 337 (formerly MKTG 337 or 433)

Marketing Analytics Emphasis

The Marketing Analytics emphasis is designed to help prepare marketing students for success in analytical marketing decision-making. It places emphasis on analyzing marketing databases using the latest software technology. The emphasis is designed to meet the growing demands for analytical decision-making in merchandising, purchasing, retailing, internet marketing, fact-based selling, and integrated marketing communications.

Requirements for the Marketing Analytics Emphasis. Sixty semester credits, including the BUSCORE and 28 additional credits listed below:

Required Courses (18 credits)
Acct 312, Managerial Accounting
Bsad 280, Applied Quantitative Methods
Mktg 332, Marketing Communications and Promotion Analysis
Mktg 334, Marketing Research
Mktg 338, Marketing Analytics and Technology
Mktg 438, Marketing Management

Plus 10 credits from Mktg 331, 335, 336, 337, 432, 433, 490, 491; Bcom 306, 307, 405 (with at most one course from Bcom 306, 307, 405). Mktg 337 or 432 are strongly recommended.

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