Prepare for Registration

Prepare for Registration

Summer Session. Priority registration for summer courses began February 12. PACs are not required for Summer Session. However, a down payment of $100 is due by April 27th. Registrations will be cancelled if $100 is not paid.

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Interim Update


Sales Management will be offered during Interim. The course will not be offered in Fall 2007.

Fall 2007. Priority registration for Fall semester begins April 9 and ends May 4. Registration appointment times for Fall semester registration are sent via e-mail the week of March 12. Before registration, a down payment of $100 is required.

Undergraduate who must get PACs from advisers include:

(1) All freshmen and sophomores (students with fewer than 60 earned credits)
(2) All transfers students
(3) Juniors and seniors not in good academic standing

» Fall 2007 Class Schedule

Business Communication Department Update

Student Professional Development Workshops

» Check the BCOM department website for the latest schedule

IS Department Update

Change in Course Offering: Fall Only

  • IS 314, Business Software Engineering
  • IS 375, LAN Development and Management
  • IS 411, Object-Oriented Systems
  • IS 475, Electronic Business

Change in Course Offering: Spring Only

  • IS 384, Advanced Database Topics
  • IS 410, Network and Data Security
  • IS 450, Distributed Systems Development

Change in Course Offering: Variable Schedule

  • IS 391, Selected Topics in Information Systems
  • IS 491, Selected Topics

Changes in Course Prerequisites

  • IS 384, Advanced Database Topics. Added as prerequisite: IS 314/514

  • IS 420, Internship in Management Information Systems. Dropped as prerequisites: IS 310, IS 344, and IS 345; Added as recommended prior courses: IS 310, IS 344, and IS 345

  • IS 450, Distributed Systems Development. Added as a prerequisite: IS 314 or equivalent or consent of instructor

Approved as Elective in IS Major

  • IS 495, Directed Studies

Management and Marketing Department Update

Health Care Administration Information

Admission to Upper Division COB Courses. The College of Business requires HCAD students to complete ACCT 201, ACCT 202, ECON 103, ECON 104, IS 240, and MATH 245 or 246, and meet COB GPA requirements to be admitted to upper division business courses. Students seeking permission for upper division COB courses should contact Christine Gessner, program associate, Schneider 117.

Fall Only Courses. The following courses are only offered in the fall semester (please plan accordingly): HCAD 301, PHP 450, IDIS 201, and Econ 280.

Substitutions for the CJ 357. The following courses may be substituted for CJ 357: CJ 307, MGMT 200, OR CJ 202 plus BCOM 206. NOTE: You do not have to complete substitution paperwork for this change.

HCAD 301. HCAD 301 must be completed the last fall semester before you start the practicum.


Change in Management Course Prerequisites

  • MGMT 340, Organizational Behavior. Dropped as prerequisites: BSAD 202 or MATH 246

  • MGMT 459, Advanced Human Resource Management. Dropped as prerequisite: “concurrent enrollment with MGMT 349” option

  • MGMT 494, Topics in Leadership. Dropped as prerequisite: MGMT 200

Changes in BSAD Major, 2007-08 Catalog

Students have more elective options under the 2007-08 catalog. See Dr. Vaughan for more information.

Changes in Operations Management Major, 2007-08 Catalog

  • Dropped from the elective course list: Btel 410, Information Systems in Manufacturing

  • Added to the elective course list: IS 455, Project Management

  • Added to the required course list: Mgmt 443, Process Simulation and Analysis, and Mgmt 461, Lean Manufacturing Systems and Concepts

  • MKTG 336 will not be offered in the foreseeable future. MGMT 443 Process Simulation and Analysis will be offered in its place as a required course. During the transition, students who have not yet taken MKTG 336 should take MGMT 443. Students not able to schedule MGMT 443 (which is a spring-only course) prior to graduation, should meet with their adviser or Dr. Tim Vaughan to identify an appropriate substitute. NOTE: Students will still need seven credits of electives to complete their major. (A single course can not be used to substitute MKTG 336 in the required courses AND count toward the seven elective credits.)

Changes in General Management Major, 2007-08 Catalog

  • Added to the elective course list: Mgmt 461, Lean Manufacturing Systems and Concepts

New Approved Major/Minor Combinations

News around Schneider
Mark your Calendar

Week of March 12
Degree audits & registration appointment times for Fall semester registration sent via email.

April 9 - May 4
Fall semester undergraduate registration by assigned day/time; $100 down payment required.

April 27
$100 down payment for summer registration due. Registrations will be cancelled if $100 is not paid.

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