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iPhone 4s offers new features students love

By Lauren Bryant, Joylyn Hanson, Brian Johnson, and Joseph Meinholz with contributions from Gretchen Hutterli

Ever since Apple released the original iPhone in 2007, it has been the hot commodity for college students. Whether one is walking around campus or out on the town, it is almost impossible to go five minutes without seeing an iPhone in a student’s hands. The newest of these products is the iPhone 4s which was released on October 17, 2011.

The new iPhone 4s provides many of the same features that the old iPhone. So why should anyone, especially the barely getting by broke college student, feel the need to upgrade?

According to The New York Times, the iPhone 4s offers users a faster device compared to the iPhone 4. A dual-core A5 processor chip, the same found in the iPad, encourages faster applications and improved overall speed. The ability to access information quickly is especially appealing to students who view this as a crucial aspect of their education.

iPhone users will also appreciate the upgrade from the five-megapixel camera to an eight-megapixel camera, allowing for high resolution pictures and a sharper image. The camera is easily accessible from the lock screen for quick use. A sales representative from Verizon believes the camera on the iPhone 4s is just as good as a regular camera one might buy in a store.

Perhaps the feature that has been most popular with students is Siri—a virtual personal assistant they can use to organize their lives. University of Wisconsin Eau Claire student Jakob Broesch, an information systems major, feels this addition alone makes an upgrade to an iPhone 4s worthwhile.

"I can say, 'Can I have a recommendation for a restaurant,' and it will list off suggestions for places to eat. I can also tell it to remind me of errands, meetings, etc,” said Broesch. "Imagine walking to class or driving to a job and without having to search through the phone be able to hear a text message, change a song, or call somebody without the push of a button”, he continued.

The new iPhone 4s has a lot to offer students—an iPod, camera, computer and a helpful virtual assistant all in the palm of their hands.

Isaac Risseeuw, a UW-Eau Claire public relations major who recently upgraded to an iPhone 4s, agrees.

"People are used to having the iPhone 4s be a part of their life, especially with the Siri software.” said Risseeuw. "I have Internet on the go. I probably wouldn’t be able to live without it."

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