Nielsen Data Distinguishes Eau Claire Students

By Luke Jorde, Jordan Kromanaker, Christina Kubitschek, and Sean Tilton

The Nielsen Company, a global leader in measurement and information regarding consumer trends, collects information that is then used by retailers and manufacturers to understand how products are selling, how to best promote products, and how to determine the variation of products available. Nielsen data is used in over 100 countries and available in over 25 languages.

“Only [13] universities have Nielsen data capabilities, and UW-Eau Claire is one of them. Employers seek this out from students, especially the grocery businesses who recruit heavily from this campus,” states Joseph Bonner, an associate professor of marketing at UW-Eau Claire.

Bonner teaches Marketing Analytics and integrates the use of Nielsen data into his classroom. By incorporating Nielsen data, he teaches the class about three tools available through Nielsen data tools: Answers Retail Edition, Homescan, and Spectra. The basic training with these programs is able to provide students with skills they can then use into a category review. All assignments incorporate understanding sales trends, how well products compete, and recommendations for price changes, product assortment, or increasing/decreasing promotions.

When students provided feedback regarding the use of Nielsen data within the classroom, they gave very positive results. Bonner spoke of a former student, Mallory Rinehart, who was excited to have first used it in class. In 2008, The Nielsen Company hired her after graduation as a retail analyst and has recently promoted her to retail associate client manager. Currently, Rinehart acts as a soundboard for both the company and UW-Eau Claire by discussing what she learned in class and how the program can enhance student’s comprehension of Nielsen data.

Rinehart stresses the distinction UW-Eau Claire students have with the association of this program. “UWEC is very fortunate to have this Nielsen partnership. I don't think students realize the advantages they have entering the job market because they already know.

Nielsen data,” states Rinehart. “Nielsen [data] should be included on the resumes of everyone completing Joe's class. These products are widely used in the Consumer Goods industry and even a general knowledge of Nielsen data can give you a competitive edge when applying for companies like Target and Hormel.”

Professor Bonner also reiterates that using Nielsen data sets UW-Eau Claire students apart from those who are not exposed to this opportunity. Many companies value this knowledge because they rely on this data to make daily business decisions. Their analytics departments use the data to adjust prices, promotions, and assortments on their products throughout the nation. By understanding how to use the Nielsen data, students may be offered highly sought after jobs because of their training with the program.

Students who partake in Professor Bonner’s Marketing Analytics class (Marketing 338) learn additional skills that will make them more competitive when searching for a position in the job market. Students who are admitted to the College of Business and have completed Marketing 330 are able to enroll this class. Click here for additional information on Marketing 338.

Luke Jorde Jordan Kromanaker Christina Kubitschek Sean Tilton

From left to right: Luke Jorde is a senior accounting major from Onalaska, WI; Jordan Kromanaker is a senior accounting major from Marshfield, WI; Christina Kubitschek is a junior marketing major from Shoreview, MN; and Sean Tilton is a senior information systems major from Wyoming, MN. They wrote this article for their BCOM Advanced Writing class.

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