Wide Variety of Business Scholarships Available to Students

By Jayme Eakins, Ashley Fjelstad, Brandon Hasselberger, Laura Wolfe

College is the doorway to many opportunities, but it can come with many expenses. Scholarships can provide the extra help a college student may need to get him or herself through college. Many students have jobs to help with finances, but jobs can act as a distraction. Jobs take up time and can add stress to an already on-the-edge student. Many students are paying their way through school and could benefit from the extra help that scholarships can provide.

According to Assistant Dean of External Affairs Gretchen Hutterli, the College of Business offers eleven scholarships for its students. Jenna Zelenka and Doug Pahr are two seniors who took advantage of the scholarships offered by the COB. Zelenka, a human resources major, received the Thomas Bergmann Memorial Scholarship this fall, while Pahr, an accounting major, received the Jann Ozzello Wilcox Scholarship.

The method Pahr took when applying for the scholarship was easier than one might think. Many UW-Eau Claire students receive several mass-sent emails from campus officials about when and how to apply for scholarships. Pahr received an email application that required him to meet four mandatory requirements to get the scholarship. He submitted an essay, application, official transcript and a resume as requested to receive the $900 awarded from the scholarship.

“It was an easy process worth doing,” Pahr said.

Zelenka applied for The Bergmann Scholarship by submitting a written application along with a current resume, cover letter, and transcript. She also wrote a one-page essay giving examples of how she demonstrated leadership and explained her future plans in the field of Human Resource Management.

Zelenka received $800 and is eligible for an additional $200 upon passing the Professional in Human Resource (PHR) exam. Zelenka applied for the scholarship to help herself out financially. The scholarship also enabled her to reduce her work hours enabling her to have extra time to focus on the PHR exam. Zelenka believes receiving a scholarship looks very good on a resume.

As for future plans, Zelenka hopes to one day become a corporate manager. Pahr plans to work as an auditor for Deloitte, a public accounting firm.

For future applicants Pahr said, “I applied because I thought I had a strong chance of getting [the scholarship]. Don't underestimate yourself and sell your strengths.”

The Thomas Bergmann Scholarship was established in 2003 by the family of Dr. Thomas Bergmann, UW-Eau Claire assistant dean for student affairs and director of research. The recipient of this scholarship must be of junior standing or a first-semester senior Human Resource Management major and have a current G.P.A. of 2.75 or higher.

The Jann Ozzello Wilcox Scholarship was first awarded in the 2007-2008 school year. It is awarded to students who have been admitted to the College of Business with a minimum sophomore standing. The recipient must be an accounting major, have a minimum 3.0 G.P.A., and must have demonstrated leadership skills.

To find out more about these and other scholarships, visit the Financial Aid Scholarships Web site, view the Tips For Applying for the College Of Business Scholarships article in this month’s issue of the BizWire.

Jayme EakinsAshley FjelstadBrandon HasselbergerLaura WolfeJayme Eakins, far left, is a marketing major from Stevens Point, Wi. Ashley Fjelstad, left, is a senior marketing major from Sun Prairie, WI. Brandon Hasselberger, right, is a senior management major from Rhinelander, WI. Laura Wolfe, far right, is a senior public relations major from Woodbury, MN. They wrote this article for their BCOM 306 Advanced Business Writing Course.

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