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Getting Above the Competition

By Christina Carroll, Gina Gladwell, Ben Riehle, and Caitlin Walbrun

The College of Business offers several certificates of achievement: the Advanced Business Communication Certificate, the Information Systems Certificate, the International Business Certificate, and the Leadership Certificate. These certificates enhance the skills and education of UW-Eau Claire students.

Advanced Business Communication Certificate

The Advanced Business Communication Certificate recognizes students that have completed additional course work in business communication. UW-Eau Claire's business communication program is a model for other universities. According to Dr. Jack Hoggatt, Business Communication Department Chair, "The ability to communicate one's ideas is often the difference between success and failure."

"The ability to communicate one's ideas is often the difference between success and failure."

- Dr. Jack Hoggatt

The certificate requires recipients to complete five business communication courses that focus on the individual's ability to communicate effectively in a business setting. Classes offered change the way students are expected to communicate using technology, presentation, and writing.

The Advanced Business Communication Certificate aims to give students an edge in the job market as well as in their daily work. According to Hoggatt, "The value of good communication skills is no longer a matter for debate."

» Advanced Business Communication Certificate

Information Systems Certificate

Recently, an understanding of information systems has become very important throughout the business world. Applicants are now expected to be proficient in information systems by most employers in the United States. The UW-Eau Claire Information Systems Certificate allows individuals to stand out amongst other applicants.

Brian Winters, an information systems major, said, "Information Systems is the most marketable certificate.  Everything in the business world nowadays runs on information systems, and if you are more technically savvy, you will always have an edge on someone else."

» Information Systems Certificate

International Business Certificate

With a growing emphasis on international communication, the need for business employees to work with international clients is becoming stronger. To help fulfill these requirements, UW-Eau Claire offers an International Business Certificate to its students.

"Knowledge of global issues in business can make a prospective student unique to employers."

- Dr. Rama Yelkur

The International Business Certificate gives graduates a step up on the competition when looking for a job out of college. The coordinator of the International Business Certificate, Dr. Rama Yelkur, stated, "Knowledge of global issues in business can make a prospective student unique to employers."

According to Dr. Yelkur, the required classes "expose students to international business, teach them how to adapt and learn in different environments, and help them learn through hands on projects." One additional benefit of the certificate is that it helps students understand and analyze international markets. This helps students develop competitive business strategies.

» International Business Certificate

Leadership Certificate

Leadership skills are becoming of vital importance in all levels of organizations. The Leadership Certificate provides students with the opportunity to develop leadership skills that will provide them with a competitive advantage. According to Dr. Scott Lester, the director of the Leadership Institute, "the certificate helps graduates distinguish themselves from other graduates on leadership a focus."

Through the Leadership Certificate, recipients will gain inside and outside experience with communication leadership. Inside experience is generated from course work. Outside experience will be provided through service learning opportunities geared towards leadership. This opportunity for service learning is not currently offered, but will be put into effect in the spring semester of 2007.

» Leadership Certificate

For more information on these certificates, visit the College of Business website where you will find in depth details and requirements for each certificate.

Christina Carroll, a senior marketing major from Eagan, MN. Gina Gladwell, a senior management-entrepreneur student from Eau Claire, WI. Ben Riehle, a senior business finance major from Marathon, WI. Caitlin Walbrun, a senior mass communications-public relation major from Hudson, WI. They wrote this article for a BCOM 306 class project.

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