2012-13 registration updates

Department of Accounting and Finance

  • New approved double major combination: Accounting and Finance
  • New approved major/minor combinations: Accounting major with Finance minor; and Finance major with accounting minor
  • Acct 201: Change the perquisites to eligible for Math 109, recommend prior completion of Math 109. In addition, this course is not recommended for freshmen.
  • Acct 435: IS 365 or IS 375 dropped as a pre-requisites
  • Acct 404: Bsad 300 dropped as a course a pre-requisite. Lab/Studio hours changed from 0 to 4
  • Acct 495: The course may now be repeated up to a maximum of three credits. Accounting 302 has been added as a course prerequisite.
  • Fin 328: Fin 322, Investments has been added as a pre-requisite
  • FIN 420: new name: “Corporate Valuation.” Prerequisite changed from FIN 326 to FIN 327
  • Fin 495: The course may now be repeated up to a maximum of three credits. Finance 320 has been added as a course prerequisite.

Change in program:

  • IS Audit and Control minor. Changes to this minor include a name change (new name: Audit and Control), as well as changes to program requirements » View revised minor

Department of Business Communication

New course:

BCOM 491, Selected Topics in Business Communication. Special topics discussed in BCOM 491 will vary each semester.

  • BCOM 491.001, Writers at Work, will be offered the first eight weeks of the fall 2012 semester. The course focuses on discipline-specific writing in the work place. Students interact with professionals in their major field of study to hone their work place writing skills. I am teaching this course.
  • BCOM 491.002, Let’s Talk about Data, will be offered the second eight weeks for the fall 2012 semester. Students will learn to effectively communicate qualitative and quantitative data to diverse audiences using a variety of software. Emily is teaching this course. The prerequisites for the course are BCOM 206 and 207. Students can count either or both sections toward the Advanced Business Communication Certificate provided they earn a B- or better. However, students do not have to be pursuing the certificate to take the courses; for students who just need a one-credit elective or are looking for a credit or two to fill a schedule, these courses may be ideal.

New course descriptions:

  • BCOM 206: Learn to write emails, memos, letters, reports, and employment documents. Adapt messages to existing and emerging technologies. Analyze audiences and use effective techniques to communicate using standard grammar, mechanics, punctuation, and document format.
  • BCOM 306: Further develop your writing skills by creating formal business reports, news releases, instructions, and brochures. Explore writing for print vs. electronic environments. Develop a professional employment portfolio.
  • BCOM 307: Further develop presentation skills for a variety of business environments. Learn new approaches for presenting in professional settings such as interviews, training sessions, meetings, and roundtables.

New course name and description:

  • BCOM 308: New name: Technology for Business Communication. New course description: Apply written, oral, and nonverbal communication skills for business purposes through a variety of technologies. Discuss emerging technologies and their effect on communication. Learn to manage information and engage in distance collaboration.

Department of Information Systems

Change from large lecture to small sections. IS 240 will be taught in 9 small sections from fall 2012 onward.

Department of Management and Marketing

HCAD Updates

Changes in prerequisites:

  • HCAD 401: Delete the prerequisite of “Department Consent Required”. Add the prerequisite “HCAD 301 & 302; Restricted to HCAD Majors”.
  • HCAD 403, 404, 405, 406, 407, 408, 411, 412, 413, 420, 421, and 422: Delete the co-requisite “Must be taken with HCAD 401”. Add the prerequisite “HCAD 301 & 302; Restricted to HCAD Majors”.

Dropped courses. The following courses have been dropped:

HASA 100—Fostering a Person-Centered Care Culture; ASA 110—Developing an Evidence-Based Quality System; HASA 120—Attracting and Keeping the Right Employees; HASA 130—Using Data for More Effective Decision-Making; HASA 140—Managing Your Financial Resources; HASA 150—Marketing Your Health Care Center; HASA 160—Untangling Health Care Rules and Regulations; HASA 170—Exploring Professional and Contemporary Issues; HASA 180—Becoming a Strategic Leader

International Business

The international business major, minor and certificate programs are now housed within the Department of Management and Marketing. Information about these programs will now be found under the department’s catalogue listing and on the department’s website.

Minor and Certificate. Significant changes have been made to the international business minor and the certificate. Contact the College of Business Center for Advising, Development and Enrichment (CADE) for more information.


BSAD 280 is now BSAD 380. If BSAD 280 is required on your degree audit you should enroll in BSAD 380


Mktg 398, Internship Program I, has been approved for a marketing elective. However, this change was made too late to appear in next year’s catalog. Until it appears in the catalog, students can do a petition to have it count as an elective. There is also paperwork involved in getting an internship experience approved for credit. Contact Dr. Bob Erffmeyer or Jerry Kollrosss, Department of Management and Marketing, for more information.

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