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The New MyBlugold CampS: Plan and Enroll

Enrollment times for the Fall 2010 term are coming up in the next weeks. Using the new MyBlugold CampS system, you can start planning your schedule and filling your Shopping Cart with classes prior to your enrollment appointment. Since the software is completely new, here is a tutorial showing all you’ll need to know about getting your classes planned and ready for your enrollment time.

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The Shopping Cart functionality for Fall 2010 is available now to all enrolled continuing students.  You may want to start your planning a week or so prior to your enrollment appointment.

Some crucial points to remember (especially if you don’t want to take the time to do the tutorial):

  • The Shopping Cart is a “staging area” for planning your schedule. You will NOT be automatically enrolled in these courses; it is NOT a waitlist and it DOES NOT give you any priority for a class that may be filled.  (However, it WILL help you get your classes organized so you can register as quickly as possible after your enrollment appointment.)
  • The Shopping Cart will assist you with validating your selections (checking for prerequisites, etc.) but ONLY if you ask it to check each individual class.  
  • If you use the Shopping Cart for planning, it will show you which courses have closed each time you go into it.
  • At your registration time, you must go into your Shopping Cart and use the ENROLL button to finish enrolling in a class.  
    • A successful enrollment will result in a green green check with a success message.  The course will be removed from your Shopping Cart and appear on your schedule.   
    • An unsuccessful enrollment attempt will generate a red red x with an error message stating why  the enrollment failed.  This course will stay in your enrollment Shopping Cart until you delete it.
  • Advice: If you have not “filled” your shopping cart with your full proposed schedule prior to your registration time, but are just using the Shopping Cart to register, you should probably put a single course in your cart and then enroll immediately, rather than “filling” your whole cart.  Courses could be closing as you decide on your perfect schedule.
  • Advice: Always use the My Class Schedule option to see the classes for which you are actually registered.

If you have specific questions about how the software works, please contact the Help Desk. If they cannot answer your question immediately they will refer it to those who have the answers!

Keep Reading for More Information and Helpful Links (unchanged since the last Big Changes email!):

  • Things may seem a bit confusing at first, since we will continue our daily operations using our existing MyBlugold software for things pertaining to Spring and Summer 2010.  Your past academic records will continue to be on MyBlugold, as will your grades for spring semester.  However, any activities pertaining to Fall 2010 will be in the new MyBlugold CampS system (utilizing Oracle’s PeopleSoft Campus Solutions software).
  • The interactive tutorial links will work in IE or Firefox on Windows or Mac.  Mac users, please copy the links that contain “upkplayer” into Firefox if you do not have it as your default browser.  If you have trouble viewing the tutorial, please make sure you are on the UW-Eau Claire campus network (if off-campus you will need to run VPN first), have allowed pop-ups from, and have deleted temporary internet files.  Please contact the Help Desk <>  if you would like assistance.
  • On-line documentation for the system (including new terminology, frequently asked questions, and directions for using interactive training materials) can be found at:
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