Marketing Analytics: A Super Internship

The Marketing Analytics field is rapidly growing, as more organizations understand the inherent value of analyzing data to forecast and predict future sales. At the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, more students are turning to the Marketing Analytics emphasis within the Department of Management and Marketing to enhance their resumes and stand-out from the crowd. Since the emphasis is relatively new within the Marketing Major, many students may not know about the program or field of Marketing Analytics.

To give College of Business students more insight into the Marketing Analytics emphasis, Meredith Wolf, Communications and Events Coordinator, interviewed Teresa Higgins, a senior marketing major from Jordan, MN. Teresa completed an internship with SuperValu last summer in Chanhassen, MN.

BizWire: Why did you choose the Marketing Analytics emphasis within the Marketing program for your major?

Higgins: I chose marketing analytics for my major because I knew I wanted to major in business, and marketing was the best fit for me. I also wanted to understand people and what motivates them to make decisions. Personally, I was not interested in the sales emphasis, so when I heard that the Department of Management and Marketing was going to offer an analytics emphasis I was excited that I could distinguish my area of interest on my resume from a general marketing degree.

BizWire: Did you complete an internship? If so, where was it and what did you do?

Higgins: I interned at Supervalu in Chanhassen, MN with the Independent Sales and Marketing Department. This department works with independent grocery retailers across the country that are supplied by Supervalu, such as Festival Foods, Mega Foods, and Gordy’s County Market in Eau Claire. My internship focused mainly on researching, developing, and documenting the consumer segmentation strategy Supervalu offers to its independent retailers in order to help them better serve their consumers.

BizWire: How did your UW-Eau Claire experiences with the marketing analytics emphasis prepare you for your internship?

Higgins: I took Consumer Behavior and Marketing Research prior to my internship, and both of these classes were very beneficial in preparing me for the internship. Consumer Behavior taught me the basics of consumer segmentation, and Marketing Research helped me develop my data analysis skills. I did not take Marketing Technology before the internship, and this course would have been helpful because it would have taught me about the various services and databases offered by Nielsen before interning, since I worked quite a bit with Nielsen. I actually found that my internship experience has helped me get more out of some of my marketing courses this year, such as Marketing Management and Marketing Communications and Promotions Analysis.

BizWire: What are some projects that you have worked on? What did you learn from them?

Higgins: My main project of the summer was to develop a consumer segmentation guide to help grocery retailers learn about their specific customer base. I also worked on analyzing the market positions and consumer bases of multiple grocery store chains using Nielsen Spectra and Homescan resources, and in some cases, consumer survey results. My internship concluded with a capstone project and presentation that I worked on throughout the summer with my fellow intern Ian Novak, also from UW-Eau Claire. This project was a repositioning strategy for IGA retailers that are found across the United States. We worked with a variety of people and departments within Supervalu, and presented our strategy to the Independent Sales and Marketing Department and UW-Eau Claire’s Marketing Faculty at the end of the internship

BizWire: When do you graduate, and what does your future hold for you in terms of marketing analytics?

Higgins: I will graduate this May, and I am working to finalize my position as a Marketing Coordinator at Supervalu with the Independent Sales and Marketing Department. I had a great experience and am looking forward to going back.

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