Collaborative Research

Collaborative Research Projects Benefit Students

By Rick Begotka, Maggie Duffy, Ryan Ecklin, Shelley Piontek

With UW-Eau Claire Student Research Day right around the corner on April 23 and 24, many students find themselves wondering about student research projects. The Office of Research & Sponsored Programs offers four different student-faculty collaborative research programs with grants ranging from $2000 to a full year tuition and housing expenses. In addition to the grants, students in the College of Business have potential to earn credits through independent study.

Dr. Kristy Lauver, assistant professor of management, has completed four collaborative projects with students. According to Lauver, participating in a research program is viewed favorably by employers. “Organizations like to see that students have the ability to work independently and lead a project, “ she said. “They also like students to have the capabilities to do research as it is often a skill needed in companies.”

“Organizations like to see that students have the ability to work independently and lead a project.”

Dr. Kristy Lauver,
Assistant Professor of Management

While students reap benefits from participating in collaborative research, the College of Business gains as well. “The College of Business benefits from increased interaction with students, additional data, information, ideas, knowledge, student feedback and input,” said Lauver.

Individuals interested in conducting a research must first find a faculty mentor and a topic of interest. Students frequently collaborate with their advisors or other professors within their respective major.

Depending on the research topic, research results may be disseminated to many different audiences. Students typically share the results of their work with students, faculty and staff at the university’s annual research day but it isn’t unusual for student-faculty research to be published in professional publications and scholarly journals. Recently, a past collaborative research project mentored by marketing faculty members Dr. Chuck Tomkovick and Dr. Rama Yelkur even made an appearance in The New York Times. According to Lauver, every research project has the potential to make an impact.

The Authors

Rick BegotkaMaggie DuffyRyan EcklinShelley PiontekRick Begotka (far left) is a senior finance major from Green Bay, WI. Maggie Duffy (middle-left) is a senior marketing major from Green Bay, WI. Ryan Ecklin (middle-right) is a a senior marketing major from White Bear Lake, MN. Shelley Piontek (right) is a junior marketing student from Green Bay, WI.They wrote this article for a BCOM 306 class project.

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