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College of Business Timeline

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W.R. Davies, President of the Wisconsin State College at Eau Claire wrote Eugene McPhee, Secretary of the Board of Regents of the Wisconsin State Colleges, that there was a need for "many commercial graduates with more education than can be secured in a vocational school."

W. R. Davies

The Board of Regents granted permission to create two majors at Eau Claire: a teaching major in business education and a liberal arts major in business administration.

Business Students

The Department of Economics in the division of Social Sciences was renamed to the Department of Economics and Business. The department offered students coursework in accounting, business law, economics, and finance.

A business education major was developed by the department in cooperation with the Department of Education.

Business Education

A business administration major was added to the department's curriculum.


Wisconsin State College at Eau Claire was renamed to the Wisconsin State University at Eau Claire in anticipation of the addition of professional programs and graduate schools on campus.

An accounting major was added to the department as interest in the business program increased.

The School of Business was established under the direction of Dr. Norman Olson.

Dr. Norman Olson

The school moved from Schofield into the new John S. Schneider Social Science Hall.

The Technical Instructor Institute (Tii) was created.

Schneider Social Science Hall

Dr. James Wenner succeeded Dean Olson as dean of the School of Business.

Dr. James Wenner

A masters program in business administration was developed.

The School of Business developed its first MBA program.

The first MBA class was graduated in December.

The Small Business Development Center was added to the Business Outreach Office.

School of Business was accredited by AACSB at the undergraduate level.

The school had nine programs including: accounting, business economics, business administration, administrative management, business finance, management, management information systems, marketing, and secretarial administration. The school had 62 faculty members: 48% were female.

The Department of Office Administration and Business Education was split into two separate departments: Business Education and Administrative Management and Management Information Systems to reflect the dramatic effect the computer and technology had on the business world and the need for the School of Business to respond to them.


The Business Advisory Council (BAC) was formed to improve the quality and increase the range of contacts between the school, and the business and professional community.

The MBA was suspended due to lack of faculty research.

An emphasis in international business was added to the curriculum to reflect increased globalization of the business world. International business exchanges were developed for students in Denmark, England, Wales and Japan. The Office of International Business Programs and Services was created to bring international business students and professionals to campus for intensive English, American culture, and business practices.

The School of Business celebrated its 25th anniversary.

25th Anniversary

Dr. V. Thomas Dock succeeded Dean James Wenner as dean of the School of Business.

Dr. V. Thomas Dock

The Department of Business Education and Administrative Management (BEAM) was renamed the Department of Business Communication to reflect a new focus. The business education and secretarial administration majors were discontinued due to limited resources.

The School of Business was renamed the College of Business.

An undergraduate entrepreneur program and a modular-based, team taught MBA program were developed.

Business Outreach was renamed the Office of Executive and Professional Programs.

The finance program was moved to the Department of Accountancy. To reflect this change, the department's name was changed to Accounting and Finance.

The former Department of Business Administration became the Department of Management and Marketing.

Entrepreneur Program

The first college website was created.

A new, team-taught, modular MBA program was developed.

The College of Business received AACSB accreditation for both its undergraduate and graduate programs.

The first distance learning classes via two way video was established.

Student Investment Management Program was established.

Student Investment Management Program

The first online MBA class graduated.

Online MBA Graduates

The first college Intranet was established, and the first COB eNewsletter for faculty and staff was created.

College of Business eNewsletter

The Department of Management Information Systems changed its name to the Department of Information Systems.

Dr. D'Arcy Becker became the first female chair of a College of Business department.

UW-Eau Claire Career Conference, created and managed by BUS, celebrated its 50th anniversary.

The Cargill Collaboration Center was dedicated.

The first Great Northwoods Sales Warm-Up regional collegiate sales competition was held in November.

The college received a $174,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Education's Business and International Education program to support its new "Partnerships in International Education" program.

Health Care Administration (HCAD) program and the Center for Health and Aging Services Excellence (CHASE) officially became part of the part of the College of Business.

College of Business eNewsletter

The Essential of Business online certificate program was developed for non-business and community members.

The marketing analytics major was added to the Management and Marketing program.

The first students graduated with a UWMBA Consortium MBA degree.

The Management Advisory Board was created in the Management and Marketing department.

College of Business eNewsletter

AACSB International reaffirms accreditation for the College of Business.

The college implemented a laptop requirement for undergraduate business students.

The Rathbun Suite of Rooms and the Dennis L. Heyde Entrepreneur Resource Center were dedicated. The Missling Conference room was renamed the Missling-Woodford Rathbun Conference Room in honor of a special teacher-student relationship.

A new interdisciplinary minor in information systems audit and control was offered by Departments of Accounting & Finance and Information Systems.

The IS Department's annual IT conference celebrated its 25th anniversary.

The college joined the social networking world by launching Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook accounts, and YouTube and iTunes channels.

ROTC was added to the College of Business on a pilot basis.

College of Business eNewsletter

The college website was converted into a content management system.

Dean V. Thomas Dock retired from UW-Eau Claire after serving the college for 18 years.

Jacob Kampen selected as the college's first Emerging Leader.

Golden Living pledges $500,000 to support CHAASE and the Health Care Administration Program.

Dr. Rama Yelkur receives federal grant to establish new international business major.

Dean Diane Hoadley was named the fourth dean of the College of Business.

College of Business eNewsletter

UW-Eau Claire VITA program receives 2011 Western Dairyland community action award.

A major in international business is added to the college's degree programs.

CADE, the Center for Advising, Development and Enrichment, is established in recognition of the important role good advising plays in the college's student experience.

Dr. Paula Lentz is named director of the Business Communication Program.

AMA hosts 30th Fun Run

CADE is awarded the 2012 Certificate of Merit for quality advising by the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA).

Baker Tilly funds new accounting classroom.

Dr. Norman Olson, first UW-Eau Claire Business Dean passes away.

Dr. Robert Sutton, associate dean, retires.

Dr. Rajarshi Aroskar is named chair of the Department of Accounting and Finance.

UW MBA Consortium graduates its 250th student in December

College of Business maintains prestigious AACSB business accreditation.

Dr. Timothy Vaughan is named associate dean.

Dr. Kristy Lauver is named chair of the Department of Management and Marketing.

UW-Eau Claire VITA processes 1124 tax returns-a new record! This is 383 more returns than in 2012.

Joseph Buczek, Joshua Mondor, Meghan Ryan, Aimee Stolt, and Tyrrell Wirkus, are the first students to graduate with department honors from the Department of Accounting and Finance.

Excellence. Our Measure. Our Motto. Our Goal.