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September 2, 2008

Halbesleben Editor of Book on Stress, Burnout Issues in Health Care

Jonathon HalbeslebenThousands of studies have been done on stress and burnout in health care, many focused on health care professionals. A book summarizing the science in these studies, edited by a University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire assistant professor of management and marketing, will be released in August by Nova Publishers.

The "Handbook of Stress and Burnout in Health Care," edited by UW-Eau Claire's Dr. Jonathon R.B. Halbesleben, is a comprehensive guide to the literature on this major issue facing health care providers. The book summarizes the research on the measurement of stress and burnout, the unique causes of this condition for health care professionals, as well as the consequences for the patients they serve.

"I'm hoping that this book will draw attention to the challenges faced by health care professionals as they cope with an increasingly challenging health care environment," Halbesleben said. "There is a lot of excellent research on this topic. By bringing it together, we may be in a better position to start truly addressing health care provider burnout in a way that improves their well-being, and in the end, the care that we all receive."

The book covers evidence-based mechanisms for the prevention and reduction of stress and burnout, and while the book focuses on health care, many of the ideas apply well outside that context, Halbesleben said.

"Nearly everyone experiences stress or burnout at some point in their career, regardless of where they work," Halbesleben said.

The book also includes a wide variety of perspectives from around the world, highlighting some of the unique situations in other countries, Halbesleben said.

"What's perhaps most striking, however, is just how similar the situation regarding stress of health care professionals is worldwide," Halbesleben said. "It is truly a worldwide problem."

Source: University News Bureau