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August 28, 2008

Students Attend American College of Health Care Administrators Convocation

This past May, officers from the student chapter of the American College of Health Care Administrators, consisting of president Patrick Senzig, vice president McKenzie Johnson, treasurer Jennifer Blasko and secretary Talia Aramalay, along with Douglas Olson associate professor of health care administration, attended the organization’s 2008 convocation.

Held at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Area Convention Center near downtown Cincinnati, the four day event consisted of many different educational sessions for professionals and students, a riverboat cruise fundraiser for ACHCA, and various opportunities to connect and interact with other members of the organization. This year’s convocation was monumental for students, as the national board voted to elect a student to the national executive board—something that has never been a part of ACHCA’s history.

The event offered special sessions with topics ranging from leadership development, person-centered care, AIT Reviews, and even an interactive game in which participants competed in groups to turn a failing “mock” long-term care facility into a successful one. In addition, Olson held a student session entitled, “ACHCA & University Relations: A Conversation with Students”. This session gave students in attendance an opportunity to voice their opinions and views on ACHCA’s relationship with their student chapters.

For the students who attended the convocation, the event exposed them to the numerous possibilities of careers in health care and long-term care. It also emphasized the importance of having a strong support system and network of colleaguesin the field.

Additionally, the group met and spoke personally with President and CEO of ACHCA, Marianna Grachek, and other national board members to discuss ideas on ACHCA’s relationships with student chapters.

At the event’s end, the student officers gained a better understanding of what ACHCA can do for health care administrators, and introduced them to the life-long relationships that members have built throughout the years within the organization. The convocation proved to UW-Eau Claire students that joining a student organization pertinent to the HCAD major during college can greatly benefit them as professionals.

Having faculty members that are very connected and involved within ACHCA, as well as students who are willing to learn and help make change within the organization, are vital for the success of student chapters.

CHASE has supported student leadership attendance at national conferences as part of their strategic plan and has been very satisfied with the incredible results for both the students as well as the program.

ACHCA Members

From Left to Right: ACHCA Students MacKenzie Johnson, Jennifer Blasko, Pat Senzig, Talia Aramaly and Doug Olson, Associate Professor, Health Care Administration