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November 3, 2008

Advanced Business Communication Certificate Most Popular at UW-Eau Claire

The Advanced Business Communication certificate is the most popular certificate program at UW-Eau Claire, according to Sue Moore, UW-Eau Claire registrar. Of the 1,226 certificates awarded at UW-Eau Claire as of 2008, 703 students completed the advance business communication certificate. The management and marketing departmentís leadership studies certificate is the second most popular certificate on campus with 137 students completing the program. The College of Business has awarded more certificates than any other UW-Eau Claire college. See highlighted items in table below. More than 80% (993) of the 1,226 certificates awarded by the university were issued by the business college.

UW-Eau Claire Certificates Awarded, as of 2008

Certificate Title Total Awarded Type
Advanced Business Communication 703 undergraduate
Leadership Studies 137 undergraduate
Information Technology/Information Systems 102 undergraduate
Public History 76 graduate
Teaching English as a Foreign Language 43 undergraduate
Web Design and Development 43 undergraduate
International Business 31 undergraduate
Women's Studies 25 undergraduate
Social Work/Child Welfare 18 undergraduate
MBA Consortium Foundation Program 10 post-baccalaurate
Health and Aging Services Administration 9 graduate
Native American History 5 graduate
Computer Programmer 4 undergraduate
Fine Arts Administration 4 undergraduate
Social Work, Gerontology 3 undergraduate
Adult Nurse Practitioner 2 graduate
Campaign Consulting 2 undergraduate
International Affairs 2 undergraduate
Latin American History 2 graduate
Legal Studies 2 undergraduate
150-Hour Accounting Certificate 1 undergraduate
Historical Research and Writing 1 graduate
Women, Family, and Gender History 1 graduate
TOTAL 1226

- No certificates were awarded in the following programs: African American History, Asian History, Clinical Nurse Specialist, European History, Family Nurse Practitioner, Global History, Middle Eastern History, Military History, Nursing Administration, Nursing Education, Race and Ethnic History, Spanish Health Professions, US History.