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February 5, 2007

Health Care Administration Joins the COB

Health Care AdministrationThe UW-Eau Claire Health Care Administration (HCAD) program and the Center for Health and Aging Services Excellence (CHASE) officially became part of the part of the College of Business in January 2007. We welcome the HCAD students and faculty, and CHASE and its board of advisers to our college.

The health care administration program will be housed in the Department of Management and Marketing with Dr. Timothy Vaughan as chair. HCAD faculty members Dr. Jennifer Johs-Artisensi and Dr. Douglas Olson have moved their offices from the Human Sciences and Services building to Schneider Hall. In addition to teaching and advising in the program, Dr. Johs-Artisensi will serve as coordinator of the HCAD program and associate director of CHASE; and Dr. Olson will continue as director of CHASE. Ms. Pamela Blanchette, program associate, will provide administrative support to both the HCAD program and CHASE.

HCAD courses have been moved to Schneider Hall, and HCAD students will have access to the same resources, technology, and computer labs currently available to business students. New websites are being developed for the HCAD program and CHASE which will be housed on the COB website. These sites will go live in early March.

Relocating the HCAD program and CHASE to the College of Business from the College of Nursing and Health Sciences was a logical move for several reasons. HCAD students currently take many of the college’s business courses. Inclusion of the HCAD program and CHASE within the college also paves the way for growth opportunities at the undergraduate, graduate, and non-credit certificate level for the college and the HCAD program.