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May 1 , 2006

COB Teams Participate in Annual Student Research Day

Five student/faculty collaborative research teams from the College of Business are participating in the UW-Eau Claire Student Research Day, Monday, May 1, 2006. The event is held in the Davies Center Council Fire Room from 12:00 noon-4:00 pm. Posters will remain on display through noon on Tuesday, May 2.

COB Student and Faculty Participants by Department

Accounting and Finance

Crystal Otto

Crystal Otto

Faculty Advisor/Collaborator: D'Arcy Becker

Gender Differences in Student Ethics: Are Females Really More Ethical?

Investigations of gender differences in student ethics have yielded conflicting results. Some studies show no gender differences and others show significant differences.

This study seeks to determine whether gender effects persist when a student's major, school type (religious-affiliated or public), or overall level of religiosity are included in the analysis. Prior research has considered these variables by themselves, and each one would theoretically align students' ethics, which would cause gender differences to disappear.

Students at two universities participated in our research. Results from over 1,014 students reveal significant gender differences that do not fade as the three additional variables are included in the analysis.

Management and Marketing

Zhanyi Chen

Zhanyi Chen

Faculty Advisor/Collaborator: Rama Yelkur and Chuck Tomkovick

Chinese Consumers Country-of-Origin Preferences of Skin Care Products

After nearly three decades of market development, the Chinese marketplace today is complex, massive, and evolving at an amazing pace. The emergence of the Chinese market, potentially the world's largest by the century's end, has attracted significant investment from multinational companies around the world.

This paper reports a study of Chinese consumers' relative attitudes towards domestic skin care brands versus brands originating from five major trading partners-Britain, France, Germany, Japan, and the United States. Consumer attitudes toward various product-related dimensions, namely, quality, value, and image are linked with the brands' countries of origin.

The study also tests for relationships between country image and the product related dimensions for each country as perceived by Chinese consumers.

Amanda Sutherland

Faculty Advisor/Collaborator: Chuck Tomkovick and Rama Yelkur

Does Hollywood 's Gamble with Super Bowl Ads Pay Off?

Super Bowl advertising receives considerable media attention each year, in part because of the large TV audience the event attracts. In 2006, 141.6 million viewers watched Super Bowl XL.

This study examines Super Bowl advertising effectiveness from the Hollywood movie industry's perspective and is an extension of Yelkur, Tomkovick, & Traczyk's 2004 study. Movies studied included every movie released from 1998 to 2005 that cracked the U.S. Box Office Top 10 at least once. Comparisons are made between the U.S. Box Office results achieved from Super Bowl promoted movies vs. non-Super Bowl promoted movies. Conclusions are drawn and future research directions are outlined.

Management Information Systems

Julia Welch

Faculty Advisor/Collaborator: Kristy Lauver

A Review of Individual Differences and Organizational Safety

The relationship between individual differences and several key work-related outcomes has been well documented. General mental abilities have been found to be predictive of job and training performance across different types of jobs and settings (Schmidt, Hunter, & Pearlman, 1981). Recent meta-analyses have consistently reported a positive relationship between the personality traits of conscientiousness and emotional stability with job performance across all types of occupations and nations (Barrick & Mount, 1991, Salgado, 1997).

In light of these findings, it is surprising that research has not taken a more systematic look at the role of individual differences in predicting another important outcome-employee safety. Safety has become one of the highest operational priorities facing organizations due to both the human imperative, stemming from the millions of disabling injuries each year, and the financial costs to organizations of safety failures causing at least millions of days lost from work and costing employers billions of dollars each year (NSC, 2002). Thus, organizational safety appears to be a very important, but oft-neglected criterion in the individual differences literature.

Management Information Systems

Julia Welch

Julia Welch and Ruidong Zhang

Faculty Advisor/Collaborator: Ruidong Zhang

Common Industry Practice in Securing Enterprise Wireless Networks

As wireless technology has become an integral part of any major organization's computer network, the demand for wireless solutions has grown rapidly, and a variety of niche markets are springing across the field of wireless communications. WiMAX has already left its niche and is becoming a widespread technology. Other wireless technologies on the cusp of widespread application include downloadable, customized mobile phone content, wireless home theater networking, and interactive directory services for cellular telephones.

This paper discusses wireless technology's role in both the corporate world and public institutions like universities, as well as possible issues of future wireless applications and expansion. A special emphasis will be given to security issues inherent to transmitting data over thin air and the implications of such truly ethereal networking for businesses.

Recent field studies suggest that many businesses have reservations regarding the deployment of wireless technologies due to security vulnerabilities associated with the technology. More security concerns rise when mission-critical applications are in question.

This paper discusses the current industry practice in securing wireless networks for corporate use. Lastly, an analysis of news reports related to the field of wireless communications will be provided and predominant trends will be identified within the field.