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April 4, 2006

Fall 2006 Registration, April 5 - May 5

Fall semester undergraduate registration by assigned day/time; $100 down payment required; Undergraduates who must get PACs from advisers before registering include:

  • all freshmen and sophomores (students with fewer than 60 earned credits)

  • all transfer students

  • juniors and seniors not in good academic standing.

Summer 2006 Registration, April 28

It is important that you register for summer courses before April 28. Courses failing to meet enrollment minimums may be canceled.

A down payment of $100 is required. Registrations will be cancelled if $100 is not paid.


Web Registration Resources

This new, secured site contains links to your academic history, class schedules, and registration appointment times and holds.

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Planning Your Degree
This page has information pertaining to graduating with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, from total credits, GE requirements, and College of Business required courses. Planning ahead? This site also contains class schedules for upcoming semesters by department.

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Course Catalogue
This year’s and previous university catalogues. The university’s catalog contain graduation and degree requirements, and course descriptions.

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Program/Course Updates


  • Change of Credits.  ACCT 495, Internship, has changed from 1-3 credits to 1-6 credits. The course can be repeated for a total of nine-credits per student across ACCT 495, FIN 398, and FIN 498. 

  • 400-Level Course Exempt from the Five Course Prerequisite Requirement*.  Acct 409.

Business Communication

  • Reminder:  Students can take upper division BCOM classes without being admitted to the College of Business.

  • Reminder:  Students need to complete three additional classes (6 credits) beyond the two required for the College of Business for the BCOM certificate.

  • Reminder: Prerequisites for BCOM 405 are BCOM 206 and BCOM 207.


  • Change of Credits.  FIN 398 and FIN 498, Internship, have changed from 1-3 credits to 1-6 credits. The courses can be repeated for a total of nine-credits per student across ACCT 495, FIN 398, and FIN 498. 

  • Change in Major.  The Finance major has dropped two tracks (Corporate Finance 800-001 and Financial Services 800-004) and now has a single track (Business Finance 800-000).  The new major requires the following:

    • Finance Foundation Courses - FIN 322, 326, 327 and 421

    • Minimum of 6 credits of accounting courses from ACCT 301, 302, 314, 321, or 450

    • Additional required Finance courses, min. 6 credits from FIN 325, 371, 424, 425, 426 or 429

    • Finance Elective - min 3 additional credits from:  FIN 325, 371, 424, 425, 426, 429, ECON 318, ACCT 401, MGMT 414, MKTG 337

    • One additional College of Business credit selected from any 300 level or above COB course to complete 60 credits in the major

  • 400-Level Courses Exempt from the Five Course Prerequisite Requirement*.  Fin 421.


  • Changes to Entrepreneur Program:  1) Shifting the Program from a fall/spring program to a spring/fall program, 2) Requiring an internship between the spring and fall of a student’s program, and 3) Replacing Acct 312 with 15 hours of concentrated accounting for entrepreneurs.

  • 400-Level Courses Exempt from the Five Course Prerequisite Requirement*.  Mgmt 442, 445 (requires completion of BSAD 305), 492, 493, 494.


  • Change in Course Offering.  MKTG 338, Marketing Technology and Applications, will be offered as a FALL ONLY course beginning with Fall 2006 Class Schedule. The 2007-08 catalog will reflect this new change.

  • 400-Level Courses Exempt from the Five Course Prerequisite Requirement*.  Mktg 432, 433, 437, 438, 490, 491.


  • MIS and Btel Courses Listed under IS prefix in the Fall 2006 Class Schedule.  This change reflects a change in the MIS department’s name.

  • Department Name Change, as of 2006-07 Catalog.  The Management Information Systems (MIS) department will become the Information System (IS) Department.

  • IS Certificate to Replace the IT Certificate, as of 2006-07 Catalog. The IS certificate is more flexible as it allows students to tailor the four-course program to better fit their major and career goals.

  • New IS Minor Added, as of 2006-07 Catalog.  The IS minor is more flexible, allowing students to better mesh it with their other educational and career objectives.

  • Change in IS major, as of 2006-07 Catalog.   IS majors will complete one of three emphases for graduation:

    • Business Analysis – for students interested in relatively non-technical IS areas such as system design, project management, IS management, user relations

    • Systems Development – for students interested in relatively technical IS areas such as software engineering, database administration, system management, Web development,

    • Enterprise Networking – for students interested in designing and managing computer networks for work groups, departments or divisions of an organization, and whole enterprises.

    • » View program requirements

  • 400-Level Courses Exempt from the Five Course Prerequisite Requirement*.  MIS 410, 450, 455, 475.

* Five Course Prerequisite Requirement. Students must complete the following BUSCORE courses before taking 400-level courses in their major: Bsad 305, Fin 320, Mgmt 340, Mgmt 341, and Mktg 330. This requirement was put in place to ensure that all students would have this core of knowledge allowing faculty to build their 400 level courses knowing that every student had the same background set of courses. This will allow the upper level courses to be taught at a higher level with less time needed to review topics discussed in the core.

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