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Annual Community Breakfast
Immersed in the Community

Panel Discussion

Internships, consulting experiences, and applied research are an important part of the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire College of Business undergraduate experience. The typical business student will participate in multiple high impact learning experiences within or beyond the classroom. These experiences enable students to apply what they’ve learned, gain real world experience, and enhance communication and individual work skills. They also provide value to local businesses and community organizations.

At this year’s breakfast, you will hear about five high impact learning experiences that bridge the campus and community. In each situation, business students work on real projects with real clients who depend on them to provide accurate information, make informed decisions, and deliver what they promise. Business faculty members will give an overview of each experience and share information as to how your organization can participate.

Event Hosts

Brian Levin-Stankevich, Chancellor, UW–Eau Claire
Pete Farrow, Board Chair, Eau Claire Area Chamber of Commerce
John Dickey, Board Chair Elect, Eau Claire Chamber of Commerce
Tom Dock, Dean, UW–Eau Claire College of Business
Betsy Kell, Secretary, UW-Eau Claire Foundation


VITA and FLIP programs:
D’Arcy Becker
, Chair, Accounting and Finance Department
Vladimir Kotomin, Assistant Professor, Finance

Tom Hilton, Chair, Information Systems Department

Small business consulting:
Kristy Lauver, Associate Professor, Management

Community leadership projects:
Scott Lester
, Director of Center for Leadership


Tom Dock, Dean, UW–Eau Claire College of Business


March 3, 2010

UW–Eau Claire Davies Center
Spruce–Tamarack Rooms


Please register online by Monday, March 1 to the Eau Claire Chamber of Commerce.

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