ACHCA National Student Poster Session
The benefits to presenting research in this venue are countless.

Many students are used to presenting research in front of their peers and professors, but this program allows professionals from around the country to view your research, provide constructive criticism and feedback.

This research poster was created by Emily Rickman, a UW-Eau Claire student, about the history and future progress of the Student Poster Session.

The professional opportunities are limitless, but it's also a great way to get to know other students who share the same passion for helping others. By presenting research at the ACHCA Spring Convocation, you set yourself apart from others. Who knows—you may meet a future employer, future partner, or someone to collaborate with and share best practices.


The ACHCA National Student Poster Session, held during the annual Spring Convocation, is a great opportunity to showcase your hard work to professionals and students alike.

This poster was created by Kali Thomas, University of South Florida, with collaboration from Nick Castle, University of Pittsburgh. This poster centers on defining the relationship between patient safety and medication error-related deficiency citations.


To enter, complete the application and submit it to by December 15, 2012
If you have any questions please contact Bridget Staberg, Academy Fellow, at