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Academics - South Africa Summer
South Africa Summer Academics

To apply, you must be a currently enrolled, degree-seeking, undergraduate UW-Eau Claire student. You must be in good academic standing and have a 2.8 cumulative GPA. You must maintain enrollment and continue to meet the academic standing and GPA requirements the semester prior to departure. You may apply as a sophomore but must have junior standing when the program begins.

The academic program consists of lectures, group discussions and field trips, and is taught by Stellenbosch University faculty, and other South African experts. The lectures cover a variety of topics, including History, Politics, Economics, Future Studies, Art, Literature, Geo- and Bio Diversity and Sociology.  Students take three courses for a total of six U.S. credits.

The term is divided into 3 blocks. During each block, students take one course. During the first block all students take the mandatory Introduction to South Africa's Political History. In the next blocks students can choose one course from three possible electives. Students will take a total of 3 courses. Each course is worth 2 U.S. credits.

The following courses will be offered in summer 2016. Courses for the following summer will be available in late October. Historically, courses have not changed dramatically from one summer to the next. 

The UWEC equivalencies are listed below. Course descriptions and outlines for each course are available on the Stellenbosch University site.

Block 1- Required Course
Introduction to South Africa's Political History (2 USA Credits)= UWEC Elective GE5 upper division, Foreign Culture

Note: If you would like the course to count as a History or Political Science elective, you  will need to talk with department chair when you are back to have the "Elective" changed to Pols or Hist prefix. You will also need to request that appropriate chair designate that the course as fulfilling foreign culture.)

Block 2- Elective Choices
Bio-Diversity: Plants for the People of the Western Cape (2 US Credits)=UWEC Biol Elective GE 2 Upper Division

Visual Controversies in South Africa, Past and Present (2 US Credits)= CJ Elective Upper Division

Challenges For Democratic Consolidation (2 US Credits)= UWEC Political Science Elective Lower Division

Multilingualism and Intercultural Communication (2 US Credits)= UWEC CJ 301

Growth, Unemployment and Inequality in South Africa: Past and Future Challenges (2 US Credits)= UWEC Econ Elective Upper Division, GE 3

Block 3- Elective Choices

Marketing (2 U.S. Credits)= UWEC Marketing 330

Present Imperfect: Negotiating Identities in Literature and Film (2 US Credits)= English 330

HIV and Aids: A South African Perspective (2 US Credits)=UWEC S W Elective Upper Division, Foreign Culture

Ethics, Science and Culture in Philosophical Perspective (2 US Credits)= UWEC Phil 291

China in Africa (2 US Credits)= UWEC Pols Elective Upper Division

IMPORTANT: A minimum of 5 students must register for a course before it can be offered.

For students in catalog years through 2015-2016, three credits of the Foreign Culture requirement can be waived upon successful program completion. The requirement is not automatically applied: please email Degree Review at after completion of the program to update your degree audit. (Students earning a B.A., B.F.A. or B.M degree in the College of Arts & Sciences cannot use study abroad to fulfill their foreign language/foreign culture requirement. See the university catalog for details.)

For students in catalog years 2016 and later, this program can fulfill an integrated learning (I1) requirement upon completion of the integrated learning assignments.  Email  for details.

The program typically runs mid- June to mid-July. You will receive the exact dates the semester prior to departure.

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