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Turkey academics

To apply, you must be a currently enrolled, degree-seeking undergraduate UW-Eau Claire student, in good academic standing, and have a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA. Although you may apply as a freshman, you must have sophomore standing before the program begins.

You must successfully complete IDIS 355 (Culture, People, and Places of Turkey) during Fall semester 2012 in order to participate in the program. The course title for the time abroad is GEOG 366, Geography for International Immersion is a 3 credit course. Both the IDIS 355 and GEOG 366 course will meet GE V requirements.

Weeks 1-2: During the first two weeks of the program, you will have a crash course in the Turkish language to learn basic formalities, and you will have the opportunity to practice communicating with local residents. You will get to know the metropolitan area beyond Istanbul's touristic center and learn to use the city's formal and informal transportation networks.

Weeks 2-3: You will travel to observe relationships across Anatolian space within Turkish culture. For the final days you will return to Istanbul to work on research and service learning projects.

Program dates are tentatively December 28, 2012 through January 19, 2013.  

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