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Students will need to develop a budget for expenses (e.g. personal travel, souvenirs) that are not included in the program costs as well as a plan to pay their program costs and other expenses. Each student's budget will vary based on their travel goals and resources. To help students begin this process, the Center for International Education assists all students in completing a Budget Planning Worksheet as part of the mandatory orientation program. We encourage students to review this budget sheet with parents, especially if they are expecting parents to contribute financially to their study abroad experience. Parents are also welcome to use the worksheet as a planning tool with their student.

Overview of Program Costs
UW-Eau Claire offers a wide range of program costs to fit every student's budget. Some programs are much more expensive than studying on campus, while others are about the same cost. For a quick overview of program costs, look at the following charts:

Costs at a Glance - Semester Programs

Costs at a Glance - Short Term Programs

How to Find Detailed Program Costs
For students thinking of applying, parents, faculty and staff:
Find specific cost information for each program by locating your program of interest in our Program Search. Once on the specific program page, scroll down the page to the 'Cost' section of the brochure. There you will find an estimated budget that corresponds to the term(s) the program operates.  The estimate includes all required expenses for the term, not only those things that you pay to UW-Eau Claire.

For students already accepted to a program:
In addition to the method listed above, you also have access to an estimated cost sheet in the Learning Content section of your on-line study abroad application.

All payments made to UW-Eau Claire (including the application fee and the acceptance fee) go directly towards the total cost of the program.  Students also make one $500 deposit before their final payment.

Final costs paid to UW-Eau Claire are due on the regular semester due dates.  You can find current information on the Business Office web site:

You can read more about billing and cancellation/refund policies in the Study Abroad Handbook, under the Current Students section of the CIE website.

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