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financial aid

Financial Aid
Financial aid does travel!   If you qualify for UW-Eau Claire financial aid*, it will apply to your UW-Eau Claire study abroad program.  Click here for more details on Financial Aid for Study Abroad.

Applying for Financial Aid
You apply for financial aid for your time abroad by filing a FAFSA, just as if you are going to be on-campus. See the Financial Aid Web site,, for details. The CIE notifies Financial Aid of all students going abroad in a particular term, and Financial Aid automatically adjusts your financial aid budget. Financial aid is based on your actual costs in your host country, and aid packages include the cost of tuition, fees, room, board, personal expenses, books, local and round-trip international transportation. Additional personal travel you plan to do is not covered by financial aid; neither is the cost of dependents who may travel with you. 

Summer Financial Aid
You must file a separate application for summer financial aid.  You will find it under the Finances section of your MyBlugold CampS student center.  You must earn at least six credits during the summer for aid to apply.

*Note that non-resident tuition waivers do not apply to study abroad programs, and UW-Eau Claire financial aid will not follow you on a non-UW Eau Claire study abroad program.


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