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Major Advising Management and Marketing

Study abroad and...
• Gain international perspectives of management & marketing
• Understand the dynamic environment of international business
• Build your resume by demonstrating your flexibility, independence and willingness to take on new challenges
• Acquire skills in preparation for the increasingly diverse and international workplace

Plan Ahead...
As a management/marketing student, you can study abroad during almost any semester in your college career. With multiple elective credits in the major, you can study abroad and make progress towards your degree.

Start planning for study abroad your freshman year. You will be taking business core classes, so you can apply to the College of Business.

The majority of UW-Eau Claire students study abroad as sophomores. You can fulfill both general education and business core requirements abroad.

While the majority of students study abroad as sophomores, nearly as many go as juniors. You may be more focused on upper division management electives.

You can still study abroad during your senior year, but choose your location carefully to ensure that you can take specific classes you need for graduation. There is a capstone class for management/marketing majors. You can take this course the winterim before or the summer after your program and should get on the waiting list for the course right away.

Fulfill Graduation Requirements
General Education: General education credits can be fulfilled on almost all study abroad programs.

Major requirements: Management and Marketing courses are offered at the universities below. With advance planning, you will be able to earn credits toward your major.

Minor requirements: If you are doing an International Business Minor, studying abroad is a requirement of the minor. If you have a different minor, you may also be able to take courses to fulfill those requirements abroad.

Programs for Management/Marketing Students
The department chair of Management & Marketing has evaluated courses for the programs below. Click on each program to get the equivalencies for that site.

Winchester/England:  Management and Marketing students interested in Winchester should consult with the CADE office prior to applying.
Kansai Gaidai/Japan
ITESM/Mexico-currently suspended
Suwon/South Korea

As the Management & Marketing department and the CIE work together, specific programs recommended may change, check back for the latest information. 

updated 9/16/2013 - ccm

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