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Major Advising Page - English

Study abroad and...
• Experience English literature through the perspective of another culture.
• Learn how English is spoken/written in different parts of the world.
• Learn and observe first-hand local dialects and language variations.
• Apply principles of intercultural texts on a daily basis.
• Be inspired as a creative writer by the new culture.
• Acquire skills and insights that can be directly applied in the growing global

Plan Ahead...
As an English student, you can study abroad during almost any semester in your college career with advance planning. And with opportunities for multiple elective credits in the major, you can study abroad and make progress towards your degree. Discuss study abroad options with your English adviser.

The best time to start planning for study abroad is your freshman year. You will
probably want to take at least one English course at UW-Eau Claire in preparation for taking additional courses abroad.

The majority of UW-Eau Claire students study abroad as sophomores. You can fulfill both general education requirements and English major/minor requirements or program electives.

Nearly as many students study abroad as juniors. Now you may be more focused on upper-division program courses and electives. Consult with your adviser to understand when you must take required courses.

You can still study abroad during your senior year. However, you must consult with your adviser to understand how it may affect your graduation. Some required courses and the prerequisites might only be available at UW-Eau Claire in alternating semesters.

Fulfill Graduation Requirements
General Education: General education credits can be fulfilled on almost all study abroad programs.

Major requirements: English courses are offered at the universities listed below.

Minor requirements: Depending on your minor, you may also be able to take courses to fulfill those requirements abroad.

Programs for English Students
The department chair of English has evaluated courses for these programs:

As the English department and the CIE work together, specific programs recommended may change, check back for the latest information. 

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