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Major Advising Accounting and FInance

Study abroad and...
• Gain international perspectives on the fields of accounting and finance
• Explore different financial markets
• Build your resume by demonstrating your flexibility, independence and willingness to take on new challenges
• Acquire skills in preparation for the increasingly diverse and international
• Gain an awareness of the difference in culture & business culture

Plan Ahead...
As an accounting or finance student, you can study abroad through careful planning with your adviser. Going abroad earlier is usually better to stay on track with your degree plan.

Start planning for study abroad your freshman year. Meet with your adviser to come up with a plan to include study abroad in your degree.

The majority of UW-Eau Claire students study abroad as sophomores. While you may be able to fulfill both general education and business core courses abroad, students who travel as sophomores should plan to fulfill general education requirements.

While the majority of students study abroad as sophomores, nearly as many go as juniors. You may be more focused on upper division accounting or finance courses or electives. Students who travel as a junior should plan to take some business core courses if possible.

Finance majors may study abroad during your senior year, but choose your location carefully to ensure that you can take specific classes you need for graduation. There are specific upper level courses required for finance majors that may not be available abroad.

For accounting majors completing the 150 hour requirement, almost any courses that transfer back to UW-Eau Claire for credit may be completed while traveling abroad in the senior year, whether or not the courses meet specific requirements of the major.

General Education
General education credits can be fulfilled on almost all study abroad programs.

Major requirements: Accounting and Finance courses are offered at the universities below.  With advance planning, you may be able to earn credits toward your major, but pay particular attention to course sequences.  In most cases, accounting and finance courses taken abroad count as electives in the major.  In addition, many programs offer business core courses.

Minor requirements: Depending on your minor, you may also be able to take courses to fulfill those requirements abroad.

The department chair of Accounting and Finance has evaluated courses for these programs:

ITESM/Mexico- currently suspended

As the Accounting and Finance department and the CIE work together, specific programs recommended may change, check back for the latest information. 

updated 6/25/13 - links

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