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Major Advising Page - Nursing
Study abroad and...
• Gain the necessary language and cultural skills to communicate with Spanish-speaking patients
• Take courses and have access to research equipment not available at UW-Eau Claire
• Understand global health care issues
• Learn about the application of health care knowledge around the globe
• Provide care to a patient pool that grows more multicultural each year
• Build your resume by demonstrating your flexibility, independence and willingness to take on new challenges
• Acquire skills in preparation for the increasingly diverse and international workplace

Plan Ahead...
As a nursing student, you can study abroad during almost any semester in your college career with advanced planning. Discuss study abroad options with your nursing adviser.

The best time to start planning for study abroad is your freshman year.  

The majority of UW-Eau Claire students study abroad as sophomores.  You can fulfill general education requirements or electives.  Consult with your nursing adviser to understand how this will affect your program plan progression.

Nearly as many students study abroad as juniors. Now you may be more focused on upper-division program courses and electives. Consult with your adviser to understand when you must take required courses since studying abroad may affect your program plan progression.

You can still study abroad during your senior year. However, you must consult with your adviser to understand how it may affect your graduation.

Fulfill Graduation Requirements
General Education: General education credits can be fulfilled on almost all study abroad programs.

Major requirements
Nursing elective courses may be available at the universities listed below.  Required nursing courses tend not to be options at study abroad sites, with some exceptions at Harlaxton College.  Please consult with your nursing adviser.  With advance planning, you will be able to earn credits for your nursing major. Studying abroad tends to add an additional semester onto the programs of nursing students.  

Minor requirements
If you have declared a minor, you may also be able to take courses to fulfill those requirements abroad.

Programs for Nursing Students
The department chair of Nursing has evaluated courses for these programs:

Harlaxton College, England (fall semester, senior year)
Costa Rica Nursing and Heath Care Professions (summer program)
Payap University, Chiang Mai, Thailand (summer)
South Africa (summer)
Stirling, Scotland (summer)

As the Nursing department and the CIE work together, specific programs recommended may change, check back for the latest information.  

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