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Milan Italy ISEP Direct


To apply you must be a currently-enrolled, degree-seeking undergraduate UW-Eau Claire student. For all program options, you must be in good academic standing.  For most, you need a minimum cumulative resident GPA of 2.8; for the Rome STEM program, you must have a minimum cumulative resident GPA of 3.0.  You must maintain enrollment and continue to meet the academic standing and GPA requirements the semester prior to departure.  You may apply as a freshman but must have sophomore standing prior to participating.

You will choose from classes offered at your LdM campus during the term you are attending. The Florence campus is the original LdM campus and offers the widest course selection, particularly in the fall and spring.  Summer and Winterim offerings are much more limited.

The Rome and Tuscania campuses are much smaller, with correspondingly small course offerings. Please note that the Three Cities program offers a set curriculum of four-five courses which all students must take.

You can find course offerings for current terms here on the LdM website:

Summer 2016 courses are now posted!   Fall courses are available in February.  Winterim and spring courses are available the semester prior to departure.

Rome STEM Program:  you can find the tentative courses being offered each semester, along with the UW-Eau Claire equivalency, here:  STEM Equivalencies, Rome Campus

Semester-long students must take a minimum of 12 and may take a maximum of 15 credits, including one required Italian language class. Summer session students must take 6 credits. Winterim students must take 3 credits.

Many courses you can take at LdM have already been evaluated for UW-Eau Claire credit.  To find courses that have been evaluated, you will go to the Transfer Wizard site here:

  • Under "Country", choose "Italy"
  • Then select “Lorenzo de Medici”h
  • Then click “Search”.
LdM courses that have been evaluated for UWEC credit will appear, in alphabetical order by the LdM “School Subject”.  If a course that you find on the LdM website does not appear on the list, it has not yet been evaluated for UWEC credit. 

Please keep in mind that this is a historical record of past course equivalences. There is no guarantee that the same courses will be offered in the future, or that they will be offered during the term in which you are abroad.

Upon successful completion of this program,  students who have gone for a semester fulfill the complete Foreign Culture requirement, while summer or winterim students can request that three credits of the requirement be waived. If you successfully complete an Italian language class during a summer program, an additional three credits of the Foreign Culture requirement can be waived.  Please email Degree Review at after completion of the program to update your degree audit. (Students earning a B.A., B.F.A. or B.M degree in the College of Arts & Sciences cannot use study abroad to fulfill their foreign language/foreign culture requirement. See the university catalog for details.)

You may study at a Lorenzo de' Medici campus for either semester, the full academic year, or summer or winterim.  Exact dates will be available the semester prior to departure.

Please see the LdM website for details and updates.

updated 4/4/16, clw


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