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To apply, you must be a currently-enrolled, degree-seeking undergraduate UW-Eau Claire student.  You must be in good academic standing and have a minimum cumulative GPA of  2.3.  You may apply as a freshman, but you must have at least sophomore standing and have completed one semester of university-level Spanish by the time the program begins. This program is also open to non-UWEC students. Please note that in the case of a competitive selection process, priority will be given to UWEC students.

All students will take the three-credit course "Advanced Travel Seminar: Women's Lives and Experiences in Nicaragua" (WMNS 422, GE-IIIG) taught by UW-Eau Claire professors Dr. Analisa DeGrave and Meghan Mehlos Licon. This course fulfills three credits of Foreign Culture requirement. Note: Students earning a B.A., B.F.A. or B.M degree in the College of Arts & Sciences cannot use study abroad to fulfill their foreign language/foreign culture requirement. See the university catalog for details.

It is preferred that students have taken at least one college-level Spanish language course prior to the program. If you have never taken Spanish, you will need to enroll in Spanish 101 for fall of 2015. Or, there is the option to take Spanish classes when in Nicaragua. 

If students would like to use this experience as part of the LAS immersion requirement, please meet with your adviser and Dr. Analisa DeGrave. There are opportunities to participate in an internship for 3 weeks after the program to complete the 6 week immersion requirement.

The program dates for Winterim 2016 are January 2-21, 2016.

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