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Costa Rica Spring Only

To apply, you must be a currently enrolled, degree-seeking, undergraduate UW-Eau Claire student. You need to be in good standing (academic, financial and conduct) and have a cumulative GPA of 2.3.  You must maintain enrollment and continue to meet the academic standing and GPA requirements the semester prior to departure.  You may apply as a freshman but you must have at least sophomore standing by the time the program begins.  No prior Spanish language study is required.

During the semester you will take four courses in total from a combination of Spanish language offerings and Latin American Studies courses taught in English. However, the courses you take depend on your Spanish language level. This 14 week academic program has three distinct parts. You will participate in all three:

Parts One & Three (weeks 1-6 & 9-14):
You will take Spanish courses during Part One (weeks 1-6) and Part Three (weeks 9-14). You will cover the equivalent of two or three semesters of Spanish classes, continuing from your current level. You will also take one or two Latin American Studies- focused courses, taught in English, during Part One & Part Three. The following courses are typically offered:

Spanish Language Courses:
    - Span 101: Beginning Spanish I (4 credits)
    - Span 102: Beginning Spanish II (4 credits)
    - Span 201: Intermediate Spanish I (4 credits)
    - Span 202: Intermediate Spanish II (4 credits)
    - Span 301: Advanced Composition (3 credits)
    - Span 302: Advanced Conversation & Composition (3 credits)
    - Span 354: Latin American Civilization, Regional Focus (3 credits; fulfills Span 352 requirement for Span/LAS majors/minors.  Does
           NOT carry one credit of cultural diversity, since it does not deal with Latinos in the U.S.)
    - Span 405: Advanced Conversation (3 credits)
    - Span 410:  Advanced Grammar (3 credits)

 Latin American Studies Courses taught in English:
    - Hist 311: History of Civilization of Central America (GE-IVC; FC; 3 credits)
    - Costa Rican Environment and Geography (GEOG 920L Geog lower division elective, GEII; 3 credits)

The classes you take depend on your Spanish language level:

    -Students who have not taken Spanish 301 prior to departure will take the following track:
TRACK ONE:  All students in this track will take two Latin American Studies courses taught in English (History 311 and Costa Rican Geography and Environmental Seminar), and two Spanish language courses at the appropriate level, choosing from Span 101, 102, 201, 202, 301, 302).

    -Students who have taken Spanish 301 prior to departure have the option of taking one of two tracks:
TRACK TWO:  All students in this track will take Spanish 354 (taught in Spanish; fulfills the same requirement for the Spanish & Latin American studies major or minor as Spanish 352 taken on campus; however, it does not carry cultural diversity credit), and the Costa Rican Geography and Environmental seminar (taught in English).  In addition, they will take two Spanish language courses at the appropriate level, choosing from Span 302, 405 and 410.

TRACK THREE:  All students in this track will take History 311, taught in English.  They will choose three additional courses from the following options:  Span 302, 405, 410; Costa Rican Geography and Environmental Seminar (taught in English)

Please note that it is not possible to take both History 311 and Spanish 354.

Part Two (Weeks 7-8):
In Part Two (weeks 7-8) you will spend 2 weeks in a rural community, working on service projects identified as important by community leaders. Past projects have involved working with local elementary school students and their parents to renovate school playgrounds, build benches, and paint murals, as well as ecotourism in an indigenous community. No academic credit is awarded, however, the project fulfills the UW-Eau Claire service learning requirement. 

For students in catalog years through 2015-2016, this program fulfills the Foreign Culture requirement upon successful program completion. The requirement is not automatically applied: please email Degree Review at after completion of the program to update your degree audit. (Students earning a B.A., B.F.A. or B.M degree in the College of Arts & Sciences cannot use study abroad to fulfill their foreign language/foreign culture requirement. See the university catalog for details.)

For students in catalog years 2016 and later, this program can fulfill an integrated learning (I1) requirement upon completion of the integrated learning assignments.  Email  for details.

All Spanish and Latin American Studies majors and minors in any of the emphases offered must complete an appropriate period of language immersion in residence in a country where the language is spoken.  This program meets the language immersion requirement.

This spring program typically begins in the last week of January and ends the first week of May.  Exact dates are available the semester prior to departure

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